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WTF. There is nothing UK about this.

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Or American, for that matter.

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Here is "muh wifes niglet son" being sold as the noblest of virtues in The Strand Magazine in 1893:


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Downvotes? HAH! Limeys have a long tradition of cuckoldry.

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She's celebrating how easy it was to conquer britain.

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It's not conquered until the last man is dead. Motivation post attached.


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The problem is I'm now at the place where I want to see the leftists suffer what they brought; what they created. I know it's not helpful.

How 'bout we ship every leftist out to an islamic countries afterwards? They can experience what muslims think is their god given right to have infidels as slaves. Although I don't think any muslim should be left standing at all, which is messing up my intent.

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We should never underestimate the Rock Bottom principal has the greatest motivation. Is it any wonder that the UN wants to ban Small Arms in America. There will be a Tipping Point (((they))) will overplay their hand (((they))) will underestimate us we will win.

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Clearly fake. I never ever seen an image of a muslim with an american flag that was NOT set on fire. I can only assume either it was fake or they burned the flags after.

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It wouldn't change history because no one would fucking believe it.

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Build the time machine now.

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Then Michael threw the bone into the air, where it jump-cut into the discarded booster section of a rocket.

[Cue "The Blue Danube"]

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Looks like he isin Pakistan. you can quit calling the guy Michelle he's a total transvestite just look at him.

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Michael Robinson.

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This is the world we live in splooge. I'm sitting outside enjoying the Sun and blue sky watching the Robins taking a break from work reading about the clown world. Obama and Michael are the ambassadors of the clown world. Insanity splooge insanity

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They wouldn't believe it.

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