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If they were all Jewish then that means 0% white, and 0% white is 100% diverse

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Truth is, they were all white. Read the old testament: it's against race-mixing.

Also, do any of today's Jews behavior resemble that of any good guys from the Bible, or just the bad guys? Have they changed your history more than you know?

Try and understand who you are: and descendents of pagans is also a right answer, but YOU are the subject of God's promises in the Bible. Certainly you can't think today's Jews are deserving of those promises.

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To believe that Jesus is jewish you would have to reject that Jesus is the son of GOD.

Most people think that jewish, israeli and hebrew are all synonyms but that is false especially back then.

See: https://www.ucg.org/bible-study-tools/booklets/the-united-states-and-britain-in-bible-prophecy/are-all-israelites-jews

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Preaching they are the children of God and his chosen is more kike shenanigans. The Hebrews were where they originated from, and the nation of Judah (where Jews come from) was just one of a dozen or so. The fate of the other Israelis is unknown, though many believe they dispersed, meaning many other people(s) could come from the Hebrews. To add fucked up shit on top of that, most kikes are not even semetic.

Jews being a faith and a race at the same time is more of their bullshit so they can shapeshift as usual (figuratively of course). Need to be ethnically white but Jewish? You can. Need to be an atheist kike? You can. Need to be a practicing kike? You can. Need to be a fellow white person? You can. They can call themselves a Jew, and also hide it if need be, whenever they want.

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Rofl. The NT literally calls him Jewish. Did he come to his own or not? And Christians don't evenbelieve believe he's the son of God, but God himself (one of three) incarnate.

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They are ignoring that Jesus was a descendent of King David of Judea, and thus he was a Jew by the definition given in this post.

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They were all Jews except maybe Luke. Their names were Shimon (Peter), Yochanan (John), Matityahu (Matthew), Yakov (James), Nathaniel, Sha’ul (Paul), etc

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Plot twist: most of them were of Hebrew descent.

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So are you, white boy. Learn your history.

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They were all jews.

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Not neccessarily. Most of them were from Galilee, an area that was hellenized around 4BC. Two of the desciples had Greek names, and there is evidence all of them, especially Jesus spoke the common language of that era which was Greek - not Latin or Aramaic. The area was a bit of a melting pot back then, so ethinicity is in question even if their religion is not.

Judas Iscariot was Judean though, which says a lot about his people.

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CIS??? How do we know they weren't busy having butt sex?

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Because God bombs fags

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Look at Rabbis. Mostly white. Rabbi's need diversity

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The bee always has good shit!

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