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Voat is starting to become a true alternative to reddit, sure the voting scores aren't astronomical, that's because this place isn't rigged with bots and AI and the same admins talking to themselves.

I just hope that this place hasn't been coopted by Chinese or some other country that benefits from a fractured U.S.

I am thankful that there is a place that isn't as badly rigged, or that censors you, that people actually will discuss things, and that it's not a pure echo chamber.

I've had disagreements with people and actually work out where we disagree and agree and go from there. In the other place it's just, "you don't believe 1:1 as I do, you're an idiot." Then I get banned for being "disruptive".

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people actually will discuss things, and that it's not a pure echo chamber.

Are you sure you’re talking about voat?

To be fair, I like this echo chamber. It’s the only place I can talk about race. But don’t pretend it isn’t an echo chamber. It very obviously is.

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Not really an echo chamber in the traditional sense that you'll get kicked out for saying something different. You can say anything here, people here do have a strong gravitation towards common sense and logic though because clown world has kicked them out of elsewhere for not putting up with their bullshit. Come in here with clown world ideas and it might seem like an echo chamber, but then you have the rest of the internet to talk about drugging up your children and cutting their tickle tackles off so why do it here?

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You disagreed with him just now.

That's not what happens in an echo chamber lol

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Well, there is a dominant view, but I've seen people argue against it and be received with light mockery. It isn't Reddit where the moment you say something a little off, boom... banned.

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Well race is a component of humans, and a useful way to classify them and how one should interact with them. I think that's a good strategy for navigating life, however one need not hate other races. They have their use, it's a rock paper scissor scenario. Each race profits off the other, is strong against one, and weak against another, and in the middle is some sort of homeostasis. Whoever created this sick experiment must be stuck in homostasis.

In any case I'm not offended by racism or whatever, just glad that this place allows it, or others to disagree if they see fit.

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Chinese or some other country that benefits from a fractured U.S.

A fractured U.S. would be nightmarish for the Chinese. They would lose out on so much money their economy would collapse and take down the rest of the world.

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Maybe, but there's always some background scheming going on.

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Just keep posting about how horrible Tianimen Square was and all the Chinks will have to log off and go eat a cat or some cockroaches or something.

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Lets make sure it's not co-opted by the Chinese.

1989 Tiananmen Square protests

June 4th, 1989

Never forget what communism can do for you.

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I think we should always write it (((communism))).

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"Voting scores aren't astronomical"

Yesterday they had some post purporting to be a gift of cookies from some guy's Muslim neighbor with a note about the end of Ramadan. 100,000 points. Yeah, I'm sure that post was totally organic. Admins can probably manually type in a score for a post at this point.

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That's been a feature since like 6 years ago.

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This seems like the kind of post that a jew shill would make to try and cement their status as an "in" member of a community.

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As a fellow old goat who also noticed this, I would like to say Hail Donald Trumpstein and praise Israel!

[–] Chiefpacman ago 


This seems exactly like what a kike hiding among us would say to start discord and gain favor with the goats.


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i too am an established user making a comment in this thread

were getting pretty meta now lol

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For instance, it has made me think about and accept the idea that women should not vote. It has filled in some of the blanks I had about the jewish problem.

This week, Mexico City's female and Jewish mayor:

Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum drops gender-specific school uniforms stating "Boys can wear skirts if they want and girls can wear trousers if they want."

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Archive link:


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Have the Mexicans started shooting?

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It’s ok to be black and native

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No its not. Kill all niggers. The united states was founded to be a WHITE ethnostate and niggers are the bio weapon of the jew.

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Sometime before 2008 I started to notice a problem with greed and corruption. I saw something about how Goldman-Sachs donated money to Obama and Romney (more to Obama). The "we support his politics" argument didn't make any sense there. Why would they give money to both sides? I also started getting into the truth about 9/11 back then.

It was actually the 2015 Baltimore chimp out that made the difference for me. I just wanted to gawk at pictures and videos of the chimp out, so I went to Reddit. That's where I found /r/coontown. I also found some YouTubers to listen to like Tommy Sotomayor. One day Tommy had Dr. David Duke on his show, and all though I've been hearing about the Duke since I was a kid, I never actually got a change to listen to him because of the Jew-controlled media.

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2008??? Lol go look into standard oil buddy know your history

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Things i dont believe in.

  1. Moonlanding hoax

  2. Holohoax

  3. Sandyhook

  4. 9/11 goverment explanation

  5. Drug war real reason for existing

  6. Public education is a good thing

  7. Property taxes are total bull shit

  8. Sadly the 2nd amendment does not exisit as intended

  9. Las vegas shooting.

  10. The big one that probably truly pushed us over the edge the JFK assasination.

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You're off to a good start.

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property taxes are the only tax that should exist. However taking your property for not paying your taxes isn't the answer. If you can afford property you can afford the taxes. It used to be you had to own property to vote, mainly because property taxes where the only real taxes on the citizens.

[–] MDEneverdies1488 ago 

I like the idea of sales tax more than property tax. It's a one off tax that's doesn't penalize for keeping a purchase. I understand property tax, but that is an expense that doesn't fit the bill, so to speak. You already have to invest to upkeep property and then get taxed annually?

I'm no economics expert, so feel free to offer a rebuttal

[–] Doglegwarrior ago 

I literly cant afford the insane property taxes. Property taxes would be so much less if they were not being stolen to pay for other kids education.

[–] 19023003? ago 

Damn, I only get a C- with you (70%).

[–] TeddyJackson ago 

Missing the Transvestigation and Transpocolyse.

Trannys didnt start with Michael Obama, European royalty trannys go back hundreds of years.

Almost all of Hollywood "women" are men. Almost all top end political "women" are men.



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Do you have a source on that?


A source. I need a source.

Sorry, I mean I need a source that explicitly states your argument. This is just tangential to the discussion.

No, you can't make inferences and observations from the sources you've gathered. Any additional comments from you MUST be a subset of the information from the sources you've gathered.

You can't make normative statements from empirical evidence.

Do you have a degree in that field?

A college degree? In that field?

Then your arguments are invalid.

No, it doesn't matter how close those data points are correlated. Correlation does not equal causation.

Correlation does not equal causation.


You still haven't provided me a valid source yet.

Nope, still haven't.

I just looked through all 308 pages of your user history, figures I'm debating a glormpf supporter. A moron.

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Everything is gonna be OK

We need to do more. Many current trends are not favoring a better world.
Continue the fight.
Our enemy will not let up, neither should we.
This war will not end.

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