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Baby boomers will go down as the generation that sold out the west and lavished themselves in decadence and hedonism

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guys maybe we need to point the finger to the elites who ran the boomers and all of us before we woke from our mental slumber. REmember division of people, especially white people who should have a common cause is usually related to a pyschological weapon. The gov. com knows how to divide people. Oh yes they do-So lets just forget about the past and the blame game and focus on what to do about it.

What can the boomers teach us and what can the milenials teach them. Ive met many millenials that are woke, as Im sure all on this are are. And I spoke to a boomer last night watching soccer. The guy knewe about geoengineering, fake news and the fasle history of ww2.

He said to me, yur like me an IMF. I said IMF? Yea-Independent Mother fucker.

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Ushering in a new civil war and the fourth reich.

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I think it was the boomers and their millennial offspring that tagteamed the west into oblivion.

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Boomers bear a lot of the responsibility for the plight of the millennials. It's on millennials to wake up and smell the roses, but it's a difficult argument to make which blames the millennials for being existentially disillusioned and fucking pissed off for the reality they were sold growing up. The Boomers were domesticated by the government and probably assumed the role of the worst generation of parents in the history of the West.

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Gen X are the offspring of Boomers, Millennials (Gen Y) are the offspring of Gen X, Gen Z are approaching their late teenage years and mid 20s now.

Look at it a little closer and you'll see Boomers fucked things for Gen X who had no idea how fucked the Boomers have left everything because the Boomers are only just gradually (but really fucking slowly) starting to hand over control of the burning trash heap they have created to Gen X. Gen X is just as fucked up as the Boomers and have basically heaped everything on Millennials to fix without knowing how, telling them how, or being capable of allowing them to fix anything. Theres some hope for Gen Z cause they have grown up with the unfiltered and anonymous internet meaning most of them are aren't afraid to call bullshit on how fucked up everyones left things.

Look at it this way, Boomers think they should be millionaires, Gen X wanted to be the 80s yuppy millionaires, Millennials are expected to consume so that the other two can have their fantasy lifestyle fulfilled without getting any wealth of their own and Gen Z is getting shit from everyone one of them for not being just like them while simultaneously being mistaken for the other generations because they borrow traits common to the others but do it on the internet.

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To be fair... if I put my place back in That time or before... niggers fought in WW2, and separate but equal was the general rule.

Niggers has similar employment rates, marriage rates and prosperity albeit a few % points less than whites. They were doing just fine in segregation.

Look it up. It’s amazing really.

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They also had fathers and churned our fewer criminals (they still were violent and churned out criminals, but fewer then now).

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There was no technology to gather accurate stats at that time.

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Census workers used to walk communities on foot to survey households to collect data. Now they extrapolate from small data sets. I trust old data more.

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Baby boomers were greedy and that's why we're where we are. A lot of them were hippy faggots who didn't vote or voted against their own interests out of some apparent moral high ground. They wanted free shit and they wanted everyone else to pay for it. That meant bringing in tax/debt slaves from anywhere they could. It meant the corruption of the political system with the same greedy faggots

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I agree they were greedy, but we also have to understand that they came up in the post war boom where prosperity was the status quo. These people witnessed their government "stand up and save the West", and they totally bought into that paternalistic idea of government. The Cold War just reinforced the whole idea. They were being given all of these entitlement programs and they were raised from the ground floor in a culture that literally believed this is what a prosperous nation does...government can and should be in the business of taking care of citizens.

It was all a massive lie, but I can also understand why the Boomers bought what they did. It took the internet for us to wake up to all of this. The Boomers didn't have any of that. They only had the TV. This is something that doesn't get enough attention when people start tearing into Boomers. They were lied to. They believed it. Then they lied to their kids. Their kids believed it. Then the debt that was owed to reality fell on their kids heads, and the Boomers are still so programmed that they can't comprehend the wall their children ran into, or the role they played in blinding their kids to what they were about to run into.

Undoing a century worth of programming and paying the "tab" the Boomers started with nature/reality was never going to be a short or easy process. There is a bill to be paid.

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TV doesn't excuse them from their greed and their sacrificing their children's futures and freedoms. They wanted a quick fix and they got it and suffer the little children. And then they didn't bother even saving anything for their children. They went on vacations or pissed it away watching TV. They wanted to be sedated. So now Europeans have to start from scratch despite the progress that was made before them

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Rock and Roll had a lot to do with it. Listen to John Lenon's "Imagine" It's pure hippy trash. "No God, No borders, No possessions aka socialism, race mix now". That whole "Let and let live" is directly responsible.


Imagine there's no heaven

It's easy if you try

No hell below us

Above us only sky

Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine there's no countries

It isn't hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too

Imagine all the people living life in peace, you

You may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope some day you'll join us

And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions

I wonder if you can

No need…

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Never liked that stupid commie and his zip wife.

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The melody and the piano is great, without that you got no song. Lyrics don't mean shit.

[–] 10120193241 ago 

No way man, everything has a purpose. Lyrics creep into your subconscious. Look at where we are at now. Grown men shoving money into tranny kids underwear. Look at who runs rap. A Jew. Ask yourself why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGw7PkuP0-Y. Compare black music in the 60's to black music now. Then compare the black family? Vibrations are key. We are all frequency. Ask why in 1936 the American Standards Association recommended that the A above middle C be tuned to 440 Hz. Ask who changed it? Everything is an illusion. There is a war on your mind. A war on your soul.

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Duplicitous NWO theme song

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beetles are all shit trash. It's mindless nihilistic rubbish with a few nice kernels of corn in the shit stack.

Perfect music for the time.

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The biggest 2 lies ever told.




[–] 9NaughtZ ago 

Islam wasn't them. it is a byproduct of our loss of morality though. That is Israel and they have no generations.

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I'm sorry they were sold a bag of goods future generations were not allowed provide.

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The problem are not the lies but those who believe them

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No, the problem is the ones telling the lies through the mouthpiece of our govt.

Most people are followers...aim for the head of the beast, not its ass.

[–] Climhazzard ago  (edited ago)

Kill the traitors first, goy. We made a whole bunch of them.

grammar made the sentence read weird.

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The truth is All jews must die.

No more lies.


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Damn Son!...You said the FUCK with holdin back....I like it! We need more people with your attitude then we might be able fukn breath for a change. Rid the planet of anyone who like or associate with 1. Satanist Zionic Jews 2. Regular Jews 3.Muslims 4.All destructive forms of religion 5.Adrenochrome using people trafficking Cannibals 6.Paedo's...well I could go on but the bottom line is we have 7.3 billion people on the planet and I dont see any problem getting rid of at least 3.7 world wide.

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Old white men is running this rap shit

Corporate force is running this rap shit

Tall Israeli is running this rap shit.

Israel is our greatest ally.

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