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Then go!

Atko said long time ago that you should conduct yourself as you would in any place public. 99.99999% of the fucks here don’t and call for outright murder of niggers and anyone else not white.

You ever think that shit wouldn’t have consequences?

This site reads like a goddamn white supremacy message board. Wouldn’t be suprised if it was the FBI that was the angel investor to be honest. Their work would be easy with this place.

Since you are stupid I will lay a timeline for you.

2 years ago we had a user that was called secretlypsycho that was fascinated with the columbine murders. Same with other mass murders. Even made a subverse for it.

Then at the beginning of the month there was a girl that scared the living shit out of the school systems within that distric and many others in Colorado.

They found her after she committed suicide. Upon finding what I could (history was scrubbed) it’s the same person.

Around that time is when put said he had be contacted by a law enforcement agency.

So do the math and realize that while you may think you have free speech you must accept you have consequences to that.

It’s the same with every single other message board like this.


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Yeah fuck that guy for asking questions, he should be a good obedient sheeple and not raise his valid concerns around here.

Speaking your mind isn't welcome on a website dedicated to freedom of speech, I guess?


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Free speech is fine when you can accept the consequences.

For instance would you say

You're a lying kike.

While you were face to face with a group of people? Or addressing another in a public setting where someone could follow you home, see where you work, or in anyway have a consequence to you?

I am betting you wouldn’t. You do it here because you lack consequences. Let’s you vomit our word salad all fucking day and hey it is just free speech right?

Well guess what it sure is and you should accept that consequence that comes with it is all.

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[–] AR47 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago 

There isn’t anywhere you can go that you won’t be policed online anymore.

Just the world we live in. With the lesser crimes bills being passed and them still needing a bad guy for society to hate you can bet it will be this medium and hate speech to be the focus.

I see voat becoming a lightning rod for this.

You should too.