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I immediately thought of Masons as well when he started using that term.

Builders. Who's a builder? Are you a builder? Don't be like those nasty destroyers. Be a builder. Like these good builders. Builder!

Creepy cult-speak. Divisive and arbitrary. Vague enough to be applied whenever and however happens to be convenient.

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builders are fellow travelers

destroyers are know-nothings

now you know the terminology

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And isn't 8 chan owned by a Mason?

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yep, huge fuckin creep

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The chink who had his bedroom trespassed recently?

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"If you're not in a conspiracy, build one."

-Catherine Austin Fitts

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Masons = trannies @puttitout

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I just come here to say Nigger Faggot Kike or whatever the fuck else I would like to say. The day I can't say Nigger Faggot Kike, this place is a fucking memory. I don't give a shit about anything else happening here, I don't care about upvoats, downvoats, or the rest of it, it's all completely meaningless.

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↑this dude's got shit figured out

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13 do 50

USS Liberty

Jewish Bolsheviks

Holocaust didn't happen

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If this site is censored or becomes anything than what it is, nobody will use it because Reddit has more censored content.

Putt's (((investors))) realize this, they own the site and are rapidly destroying it.

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this is the only place you can say niggerfaggot i feel like

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The 4chan and 8ch.net honeypots also allow you to speak freely.

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That one faggot who does a daily recap is alright though. I do like reading those

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Yeah those are actually kinda cool, I do appreciate them.

But what about @Empress, @middle_path, @Needlestack? They been building way longer than that recap nigger.

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Wait the recap guy is a builder but Empress is not? Okay now I know there is something fucked up going on.

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Middle_path is disingenuous. Concern trolls a lot. Played the centrism-is-the-3rd-way bullshit card while the Overton Window's "center" was still clearly insanely biased towards liberal progressivism. Only really shut up about it when all the known eceleb centrist goons crashed and burned.

He's not here to "build" the community, only subvert it or act as a kind of sea anchor to the rightward drift.

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Well I'm sure Putt thinks of Empress and Middle_Path as builders but hasn't gotten around to compiling his full list for publication lol.

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No I agree with most of your post, just saying there are a few peeps who do good work, but the no proof bans and other faggotry should end.

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I'm feeling mixed on this.

  1. I don't put much value in badges.

  2. I do think there is merit (being @puttitout) into showing appreciation for the people that help actively contribute to your 'project' (life's work at this point) and I'm convinced that the people committed to building up this website will appreciate the badge.

  3. The definitions of builder and destroyer don't exist. I can't even say they are vague. There just aren't any. It's an incredibly subjective choice from Putt.

  4. The people highlighted in his post are not according to my subjective definition of "builder"

4a. @virge however nice the concept, the account is still suspect to me. It's a 4 year old inactive account. First contribution he does make happens 4 years after he created an account yet that makes him a builder?? I'm not even convinced yet that Virge makes his post in good faith. So far it's been 3 posts over 2 weeks? There are people like @needlestack that have build a community around their hobby for 4 years straight that were not mentioned. Imo Glownigger

4b. While @kevdude has definitely been an active member of voat. I would definitely not subscribe him as a builder. Kevdude has organised mobs and destroyed much more accounts/moderators/ec than any other on this site. His posts are either jokes with his ingroup or crusades against people he perceives negatively (usually for censorship of other people, sure, but not every time) Is kevdude's activism necessary? You can argue yes. But these actions are still destructive. Imo destroyer

4c. I don't follow the Qtards or @srayzie much so I wouldn't know. I do know it's a long standing account that created and builded a Q subverse 2 years before the Reddit ban and subsequent soyboy invasion. Imo builder

And I agree with the other reply here about NASA yes men. It's about personality types in the end. People like empress, middlepath, rotteux etc are people that clearly want to contribute in a positive amicable way. Kevdude definitely values voat, but the way he shows this is 180° the other way. And critics, opposition and different viewpoints are needed.

TLDR: I think builder is the wrong label. It's not defined and the connotation does not fit the way putt wants to use it. But I do agree in the concept of showing appreciation for your active user base.

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We don't need no stinkin' badges!

There are people like @needlestack that have build a community around their hobby for 4 years straight that were not mentioned. Imo Glownigger

Wait, what? Are you calling me a glownigger? :( If so, no knit stocking cap for you!

Your 4b is right on the money. If I had been drinking coffee the moment I read Putt lathering him up and calling him a builder I would have spit it out on my computer lol!

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Wait, what? Are you calling me a glownigger?

It was a rating for /u/virge

You were merely mentioned as a stark contrast. It seems pretty straightforward to me.


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@virge has a nice product, but did you notice he is also looking for crypto-tips at the end of all his posts?

Not a builder.

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People asked if they could donate crypto to you?

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I fully agree with your assessment system. Not necessarily your conclusions, simply because I don't know who these accounts are. But your system for determining what connotes building versus destroying is fundamentally correct.

If I may draw a Punnett square (warning, I cannot):

_________ Builder____Destroyer Good_______A__________B____ Evil_________C__________D____


A = One who creates engines, systems, or self-perpetuating communities (AKA memes) that benefit the youthful and generate healthy interactions.

B = One who dismantles engines, systems, or self-perpetuating communities (AKA memes) that make pawns of the youthful and poison healthy interactions.

C = One who creates engines, systems, or self-perpetuating communities (AKA memes) that make pawns of the youthful and poison healthy interactions.

D = One who dismantles engines, systems, or self-perpetuating communities (AKA memes) that benefit the youthful and generate healthy interactions.

And where,

"The youthful" = those who seek personal growth

"Healthy interactions" = communication that expands useful language for the purpose of solving personal problems and overcoming personal obstacles.

I hope that you can appreciate how simple this is. And also, I pray that you are aware that this is directly borrowed from your post (the one to which I am currently replying.)

@puttitout @virge @needlestack @kevdude @srayzie @TheodoreKent

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To be fair though, if people know too much about the inner workings of an algorithm, people will game the system or severely bend the rules but not break them.

This does not mean I condone such actions, though.

You are correct that in the interests of transparency people want to know why someone was banned.

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Putt is 100% compromised.

I suspect this site is being used to corral offending IPs for a future use, perhaps if speech laws are eventually passed. This site would be a gold mine of incriminating evidence.

If you got a code from Putt for a free VPN, I wouldn't use it. Just shell out for a better one, it isn't worth the risk.

Putt is still just a man.

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VPNs are less safe. Use tor.

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TOR is compromised

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Hmmm, how hooked is your nose?


VPN's that don't keep logs are very safe.

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Tor was compromised by the FBI and SS a long time ago, they started controlling exit nodes 15 years ago.

That's when a lot of big time hackers and carders started getting busted despite using it.

Nothing is safe but you're probably better off with the safest VPN you can find, only using it for legal or "grey" activities.

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This whole move will start out good... It will stay good for a while, but as time goes on it will likely change. Situations will come up and mission creep will happen. Eventually the 'dictator' will start to shape Voat into HIS image as opposed to that of the people here. The reason I say this is this... Can any of you lay out for me the specific and easily understandable and applicable rules that describe a 'builder' or a 'destroyer'? That is the queston... I only kinda know. Most leftists will say that we are ALL destroyers! Always keep that in mind.

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The entire reason reddit sucks is because it is full of builders, and it bans destroyers. Creation and destruction cannot meaningfully exist without one another.

You build a sub, you nurture it, you care for it, you take pride in what you have created. Neat.

That shit turns pretty gay pretty fast unless you have someone talking shit on it occasionally.

You know why Nasa lost all those space shuttles in tragic accidents?

Because they had too may fucking builders and not enough destroyers/shit-talkers to criticize the bullshit they were building.

Can an architect build a building without having it audited by an engineer?

Can a car company design a car without crash testing it with a live nigger inside?

[–] ALIENS2222 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 


Nasa is not really the best example... BUT You are absolutely correct. I hadn't really thought of it that way but You are completely and totally correct. Honestly my question is ... Where do we go next? We have time but really? I remember Poal?

[–] ViperCarbz 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

You build a sub, you nurture it, you care for it, you take pride in what you have created.

Then your sub is banned and you realize how nice your parent's basement is.

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There's a difference between constructive criticism and strictly malicious actions though and it seems a bit odd to me that you aren't acknowledging that distinction?

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Some don't understand chaos, that destruction is needed, the old and rusty must be torn down and make room for the new and shiny. Without destruction there is no need for building and everything would be just that,static, never changing, forever.

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How hard would it be to fertilize a field without decaying plants and cow shit?

[–] Hysterical 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

But how does that analogy translate to Voat?

The destructive forces here or whatever you want to call them, they're not providing a necessity like a fertilized field. They're at best providing a balance, but if they're here to manipulate and harass people, I'm sorry but I just don't see how a purely negative influence has some positive side effect. I have nearly quit this website altogether on a few occasions because I was just tired of what I viewed as fairly transparent brigading.

Also from a purely logical perspective, Voat has been under attack for years. How many ddos attacks have we suffered? Media assaults. The list goes on. So... why would they not attempt to infiltrate if all else failed?

This is something that tptb do. They monitor and control opinions and beliefs by weaving an intricate web. You don't get webs without spiders.

WhiteRonin made a post about being warned, and the thread was full of disinformation and outright deceit.

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Not very hard. You can apply liquid fertilizer to any water source and fertilize by spraying that water. I am sure you can get the elements for fertilizing be synthesized without using decaying plants and cow shit as ingredients up the material chain.

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