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Number one reason I think is those fucking soft drinks, and all that sugary shit water, "ice tea", "juice", etc. JUST DRINK FUCKING WATER YOU CUNTS. A glass of milk once in a while but stop buying that fucking garbage.

It's hard to make a small kid fat with food. They refuse food when they're full. It's easier to drink calories than eat them. You don't need a crazy amount of sports to not be a fat fuck.

If the kids are still small, up to about 12 or so, just let them play outside. You don't need to bend over backwards to entertain younger kids with backpacking and bikes and shit during the school week. Children are creative enough to think of things on their own once they're outdoors. There's nothing wrong with going on hikes and rides with them but if your kid can't play outside for at least a half hour on his or her own when the weather's nice, you suck at parenting, you're a retard and so is your kid.

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This is so fucking important. Water is really the only fluid you should be drinking, there is absolutely no reason for drinking sugar water, it does nothing for you but make you put on weight. That would be the easiest shortcut to getting healthy if you are a lardass. If you do need to lose more weight then start with sugars, your body needs to turn fructose into fat before it can burn it and your mind craves it when you feel low on energy.

Water is an amazing mood stabilizer as well, which sounds retarded because everyone has access to it, but if your kids are having irrational shit fits just make them go drink a glass of water or two and they will find it much easier to calm down, i cant stress how helpful this is when dealing with upset kids, no amount of yelling, smacking or punishment will fix issues caused by dehydration.

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but smacking them is so satisfying

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I grew up drinking soda exclusively and eating junk food almost exclusively and I was never fat. It's because as kids we were out exploring the world all day every day on our bikes and on foot. We were never inside playing video games.

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You would have been better off with healhier food, but at least you could go out and burn it off. You were also eating and drinking less than you think, too. People in the 50s, 60s and 70s drank soda and ate junk food, too, but they weren't fat either.

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Same here and I was never fat, though I eat much healthier now.

Today many kids aren't allowed to run around and play like we did even if they want to, nowadays hyper kids are labelled as having A.D.D. or some other BS "disease" just because they have tons of energy and don't do well trapped inside for hours and hours, then they're given drugs like Ritalin to make them "normal".

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Soda made with sugar... or HFCS?

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I know your type. My HS mate was the same.

Thing is, he drank a litre of coke INSTEAD of eating dinner, so the calories were kinda the same. Really scrawny bugger that could jump very high, great at climbing shit, and was so pale that he'd burn after 5 minutes exposure to the sun.

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My kid drinks mainly water. Milk daily. No soda, or sugar drinks. I give her milk since she's only 4 years old and she needs healthy bones and teeth. We rarely go to fast food places.

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I did this withy son, only soda after he was 6 and then only for special occasions if he had behaving well that day.it blows my mind seeing parents just shove soda down little kids' throats.

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I honestly think many kids have lost the creative side of their minds.

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More like the parents won't let them play outside because they think it's too dangerous, so just place them in front of video games and tv.

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They never "lost" what they never had. It's why early childhood development is the most important time to "develop" a healthy mind. Healthy mind including but not limited to a creativity. Which is sooo easy to develop. Just give a kid some chalk, toys, or even a carboard box and they'll figure out some way to play with it. But, parents rather stick them in front of the jewbox all day.

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What nonsense.

Don't send your children to the commie indoctrination camps, eh?

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Childhood smoking is less lethal than childhood obesity.

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No matter how much the left tries to convince everyone that fats being repulsive is a social construct, it isn't true. It's a biological reality that lard barges are disgusting, and no amount of leftist bullshit is going to change that. Sometimes guys can pull off the little-bit-heavy thing if they've got a bold, confident personality, but women are just disgusting butter beasts at that point.

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The left pushes this bull crap because they want you to consume more and more and more. They want you to always be consuming something whether it be TV crappy music or food

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ItS nOt fAt iM bIg BoNeD

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They push that crap because they themselves are like that, and it's the only way for them to be accepted in society (because they are allergic to doing the hard work necessary to change themselves for the better).

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I was lucky my fat fuck family ate all the food and neglected to make sure i got a fair share, i may have been chronically underweight as a child while everyone else was fat, but, at least I wasn't also fat.

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If you're a fat parent, you're failing as a parent.

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Their legs bow outwards, and it doesn't take a massive amount of extra weight to cause that.

Those white men needn't have bothered solving the problem of rickets for mother's children all those years ago. They just found a new way to fuck their kids up.

Imagine being too stupid to cook food for your own family.

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Problem is...there's so many FAT PARENTS.

They're fucking everywhere. It's to the point where overweight people are seen as normal. And overweight by 20-40 pounds (If you're 6', you should be 180-190. Overweight (the new normal) is 200-220. That's overweight. That's fat.

But almost inevitably, when I see a fat kid, I see the fat parents being 50-100 pounds overweight.

Fuck, I hate fats.

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This shit is the primary cause of vanity sizing. I recently bought a 3-pack of v-neck shirts with really nice material labelled size "small" (34-36" chest size apparently) but they fit me (5'8" 130lbs muscular) like a proper large. "Close-to-skin fit" my ass. Nowadays there is barely any clothing actually made for healthy people (or people under 6 feet even) and it absolutely pisses me off. It's gotten way worse in the past few years.

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I hate them too my friend

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Hi, I'm from the white house and I want to order some pizza. How about 20,000$ for some fresh, juicy pizza?

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