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Crack on lad, this is awesome. How come @Crensch's posts about @Zyklon_b didn't show? Oh shit was that yesterday? I'm confused

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@NiggerVirus went fishing. I bet you won't find that on the first ten pages.

Anyways I like this rundown. Keep it up.

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These are cool. I didn’t see most of these

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We should tip this guy.

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1990! Right on!

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how come all he and @srayzie make is personal attacks rather than addressing the fact that trump and q are pro israel and willing to sacrifice white American children for wars to benefit israel?

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The jew cries out as he 1990s you !

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They call it ad hominem. Shill tactic..

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I'm still waiting on that evidence they have but seem to have misplaced. I'm still not completely sure if he's serious or not and that i'm the only one spoiling the game.

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How is your crusade going zyklon? Do Jews do crusades?

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Apparently, the story about Farage being surrounded on the bus is total bullshit, fake news. A reporter who was in the bus posted a Tweetstorm saying there was never any plan for Farage to grt off the bus at that stop. The plan was always for him to speak from the top of the bus. Also, apparently the milkshake carrying crowd was actually 3 very polite protestors who had half drank frappacinos and no intent to throw them.

I'll see if I can find it again in my twitter feed. If so, I'll edit this post with a link to the threadreader roll up of it.

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I think it s fine as it was legitimately reported that way. Being fake news is news itself. Farage clearly gets under their skin so they have to make up shit to make themselves feel better. I looked but didn't find the right tweet. It was a few hours ago and it was retweeted by someone I follow. It wasn't from someone I follow myself. So I am not sure exactly where to look or how far back.

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Any more sources, besides one reporter,.who might be biased?

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10-25 is great but don't burn yourself out. If you only found 7 things noteworthy don't ruin it.

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You have a tactful and tasteful way of spotting notables great job

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Much appreciated here, I'm in a somewhat different timezone and sometimes interesting stories can slip by.

Maybe an upper limit of about 25 stories would be good?

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Well done mate. This is how you make Voat what you want it to be.

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This is awesome! I remember once voat without the shills. Basically the main site went down and most moved to the preview site but not the shills until about two days later. It looked about like this.

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Voat has gone through many phases. This is a rough time right now.

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This is better than ice-cream. And i love fucking ice cream.

Edit: i fucking love ice cream. I have never had sexual intercourse with ice cream

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