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Woah. That's a lotta sleuthing.

I always just got the impression he is a meth head slipping in and out of consciousness.

Personally I'll post a snarky comment or two on the Q subs every once in a while when I see a bit too much trump worship or Israel support. Redpill slowly but surely, like the fph people. But to post gore/porn? That's a tactic to reduce the amount of visiting users. It's how jidf destroys 4chan. It's 100% a Jew tactic.

On a side note, how big is your file on me... :S

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You know that part in The Matrix where Neo says he needs lots of guns?

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zyklon b is a shithead shill

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Neo says he needs lots of guns?

matrix was a fake world too, and a work of fiction....written by two trannies

PV goon

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But to post gore/porn? That's a tactic to reduce the amount of visiting users

That's exactly how I feel about it. I have no interest in the whole Q thing but I am interested in Voat getting more visitors. How can we red pill normies if we have no new visitors?

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I think we'll have plenty of new visitors from reddit into the foreseeable future. They're getting more and more lax on who they ban.

At the beginning it was (according to them) strictly for doxxing. Then it was for "hate speech". Now they're banning subs because they "don't align with reddit's values" or some shit. They'll continue moving the goalposts until nothing is left but extreme militant commies.

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Yes! 👆🏻

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On a side note, how big is your file on me... :S


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lol, i can see it now

"OMG dial rapes and dismembers bodies HE is a serial killer!"

Actually I think they did one time, well kevdud did. He even stickied it in PV.

Wanna know the real reason dial and his backup army was banned, it wasnt the fact I would protect myself from downvoat brigades on a nightly basis. It was that I was getting too strong.

Fuckit, And you know what there is alot more people than you think out there like me.


mark my words expert, the next step is going to be comments. ccp is used to censor

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I love to from him to do one on dial, 95% of the shit I posted was bullshit

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Didn't want to comment on part 1 because I wanted to read both of them.

I was unaware of several of the links you posted and I am amazed for the amount of work you put into this. Nice compendium of information on this user.

I personally have always seen him as a troll account but I agree that his behavior regarding GA, @srayzie and @shizy has been unacceptable and he has gone too far by posting porn on their sub. My problem there is that basically he calls them, and you I believe, (((jews in the letter))) but he uses the tool of the (((jews in the letter))) to attack (porn) in order to attack their credibility (as little as they have in Voat's community as a sub) further more.

So I do agree that he behaved like a (((jew in the letter))) there and have decided to pay more attention to his actions, but will ignore his constant post spamming complaining about you and the others. Why? Because is simply annoying to pay attention to his posts and it just reminds me that the (((jew in the letter))) cry out while stabbing you in the back. So I know that those posts are more of a diversion than anything else.

Have a good one.

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And fine work it is!

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While I think that Q is a Larp, I don't understand why someone would go out of their way to spam them with gore and porn.
Really weird.

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Agreed. The porn dumps went too far, especially the disgusting loli shit.

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Ideology seem the only explanation.

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Well they wouldn't, just for a LARP. That would be an extreme waste of time and money.

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It's only him (and a few people like him) that are that butthurt by Q. They don't affect me in any way even if I think many are Zionist boomers. Reminds me of leftists' irrational hatred. I'm not sure if he is or not, but people like that who are overly emotional and take things too seriously while simultaneously brushing off any criticism of themselves by claiming everything they say is serious are a drain on Voat.

Voat seems to attract some people that hold petty grudges and are childish and need to make everything about them.

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The real question is if @zyklon_b is going to defend himself or is he just gonna cry holocaust?

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i wonder if he'll just go radio silent and hope people forget about this when he comes back. we won't.

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He's probably slipping IRL and gonna assault somebody and go to jail, again.

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Liiiiike, this?

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Meh, jews shilling online are a dime a dozen. I've noticed ZB before but I didn't find him remarkable.

If @crensch wants to try and clean up the streets of voat one kike or faggot at a time via public trial and "well written" arguments that's his right.

I dubbed him king of the shit like a month ago. These internet titles are really important.

Just sit back and enjoy the shitshow.

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he doesnt have to, defend himself against a concern troll....

prove to me you are not pedophile you kid toucher, i have PMs

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Fuck the true faggot ZB. He doesnt deserve an F

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not an F


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creepy shills got exposed

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Is this the boom q predicted?

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He did say boom(er) week was ahead!

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Thanks for pinging me. Not sure what to say as @zyklon_b has been here a long time, I spoke to him a long time ago accidentally on pm as I was new and thought he was someone else I was looking for. He seemed really nice, completely different to what you see publically.

The duel personality he uses bothered me, always has, which in turn kept me getting too personal, although some personal things were shared.

I have this idea that many have got to know his IRL personality and because of this his online ways are pretty much ignored. His tactics are aggressive in nature and he knows a lot of people IRL. He is one of those people who’s online persona is used to test peoples ability to stand up against words and not let the words have power over you. I have seen this mentioned me.

Under his other names like beetlejuice, lord beetlejuice etc, I used to call him out on his drug intake regularly. Obviously it got old real quick and it became best to just not interact much. Also my own personal life has been interesting so I just let it go.

I don’t agree with the way he goes about things online but I am not his mother. I am actually surprised you got so much information on him, at one point I thought 1990 for a looooooong time.

Anyway I don’t have offence to him in the pm’s he has shared, I am sure there are a ton of people that know him way better then I. I do dislike his online Voat persona though, this is true.

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Alot of people act like this though -- the dual personality. In real life, we're put into a box of how we're supposed to act in social situations and it's oppressive. Men can't be men, they have to watch every word they say at work because HR is right around the corner.

When you actually allow men to be themselves, such as at a hunting camp, the fart, shit, and race jokes come out, there's cursing and roughhousing.

To some of us, voat is a way to let off steam. In real life I'm a family man with a bunch of kids and I haven't said a curse word in 5 years to set an example for the kids. And in my professional life I remain formal and proper and walk on eggshells all day. If I say the wrong thing the entire company could come crashing down.

Calling out jewish hypocrisy on voat or being able to tell the truth about obvious and empirical differences among races is cathartic.

I imagine some others are probably the same way. I'm not saying that people's personalities on voat are their true personalities -- I'm just saying that they're probably on voat for a specific purpose, whatever that may be. Voat posts can therefore seem like they come from a different person/personality than the real person.

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Great comment, I can relate to all of that.

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Sometimes you amaze me quite a bit man.

Funny what one can miss. Good comment.

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Well said and this also is worth taking into consideration. Yes, indeed online persona’s are different for many. Some very beneficial and others not so much.

All men need an outlet, this is true and it isn’t always pretty. This is my point, there are real people behind these accounts if they are not a bot account and often this has its own part to play in the outworking of themselves here on Voat.

The difficult part is to access who can be trusted when many are playing a role. People do have different reasons for coming to Voat, you are so right and if you can only access what’s said online and know no more it’s easy to take threats as being real but those who lurk/read more into things and perhaps stop every now and again to build relationships, more puzzle pieces seem to fit.

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Well said

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Oh he’ll send private messages if you’re a woman. He’s a flirt. What a catch. He can be really nice when he wants to be. We were friends at one point. I didn’t know how bad he was. He will turn on friends in a minute.

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He has never turned on me, so I cannot say that for myself. Like I said his online persona can be scary and off putting.

Thinking out loud now... Voat community has never been PRO Israel, something obvious, right? As they actually continually steer the economy in a negative way for others with a one way for me and another for thee approach. This too has and always will cause contention here on Voat.

Just curious do you know Crensch IRL? Or strictly online friends?

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Top tier deductive work. Kudos.

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