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You forgot the first rule of law. Those who make and enforce the laws cannot be held liable of violating them.

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I am curious. In the US federal law supersedes state law. But in the EU, theoretically Germany is it's own country. Does Germany have an obligation to enforce it's laws against parties present in it's country?

Broader question. Is the EU technically an NGO? It's a product of a treaty.

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Germany is it's own country

Not since 1945.

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1945 - 1949 - US, UK, France, and USSR's bitch.

1949 - 1990 - US and USSR's bitch.

1990 - Now - EU's bitch.

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I am curious. In the US federal law supersedes state law

Not necessarily. The Supremacy Clause states that constitutional laws are the law of the land. The 10th Amendment acknowledges the states' (and people's) rights to nullify laws that are unconstitutional.

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By signing treaties like Maastricht and Lisbon, the various EU states are agreeing to create legislation to cover various EU policies, and defer certain issues to EU courts.

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You would need to have a law firm coercive enough to force Germany to fine the EU. Public shaming and exposing the hypocrisy of not doing so.

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