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Bing works fine for that sorta stuff. US politics, climate change, islamic terrorism, etc are very heavily censored on google and not so much on Bing. Granted, it's a microsoft product, so I'm not shilling for it, I don't recommend you get the search bar or nuthin', I think they just haven't gotten around to censoring stuff, and they will at some point; but so far it's an option to keep in mind and cross-check google with.

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I was surprised when I noticed this myself a few weeks ago. Get a nice mix of sources for many queries instead of first 2 pages of actual fucking shit followed by curated content.

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Can't wait till you Google white families or white inventors

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White pregnant women (image search)

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Ive done that and it is fucking unbelievble the images that pop up? I just dont understand why it is so fucking obvious. Why do jews want to defend blacks so much it is weird

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The documentary Disrupted Land by Afriforum was blocked on Facebook immediately after release: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhMqc7exTus

You can keep up to date with daily attacks here: https://twitter.com/SAgenocide

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Google Jewgle

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The area I live in is rural with large farms. The farmers here hire South Africans to help out. From speaking to a few of them, I've gathered it's quite a shitshow there. One of them made it sound like the ones causing all the problems are not the ones previously enslaved. The ones creating the problem are like ones from other areas or countrys that want to take what the white farmers have built. Afew just wanted to make money, go back and somehow fight for their family and land while, some want to immigrate. But yeah it's a hellhole for whites there now. No legal way to defend yourslef and its very difficult for whites to get gainful employment. Something like all postitons must be filled by blacks first then whites.

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You'll be surprised to learn that the Dutch East India Company didn't enslave native populations and imported slaves instead. There was never slavery and race based oppression like there was in America and other parts of the world. The Bantu just convinced themselves and the rest of the world that they were oppressed and enslaved by racist whites.

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So, the thing I was confused on was the bantu themselves. Are they from South Africa or are like a migrant type of group, or both ?

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Why dont they start civil war retreat to an area that has water and food and try to create a seperate state? The idiot whites that want to die can stay with the monkeys while the others can build a country similar to isreal but whites in africa. They should implement everything isreal has done and write a holy book that copies the talumud to justify what they do

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Twitter is a good source. Just follow EFF leaders feeds. The plan is obvious

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Google holocaust and the first 6 gorillion pages will speak of lampshades, Zyklon B, and masturbation machines.

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Don't use google. It's fake news.

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