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Is there any historical proof of smallpox blankets? Heard it's an urban legend. "muh white man evil"

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Iirc there's 1 or 2 british military communiques about it referring to isolated sieges where it was attempted. Most of the smallpox deaths came from glorious multiculturalism and a shakey at best understanding of germ theory.

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No, there is not really. Alt-Hype cover it well in his recent video - it is long but you should absolutely watch the entire thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvaxPH3ftUQ

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germ theory didn't exist until decades later.

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germ theory, no. But biological warfare has been around since the dawn of man.


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Yes. But my understanding is that they happened closer to the Civil War than colonization, and were mostly isolated incidents.

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Yeah, I talked with a pro-vaccine person here on VOat actually. Kinda suprised me TBH.

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There are. I am pro vaccine, in a sense that I regard vaccines as a medical tool of excellent cost effectiveness.

However, I am absolutely against any forced vaccination.

Call me pro-choice. Abortion for a few weeks in early pregnancy, vaccinations for those who wish to receive them, gun ownership for those who don't trust the government to forever be a benevolent bumbling machine - and low taxes so that everyone may be able to make all their choices.

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Radical ideas, man. You can't NOT pick a side and judge each issue on it's own. Mob polictics man, get on board.

Next thing you know, you'll be respecting other people's opinions and having an open mind to new evidence.

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These a difference between being "pro-vaccine" and being for government-forced injections.

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I thought all the antivax people were on facebook groups but I guess eventually if you play your cards right, you scare enough people to get your following big enough to find other platforms to nest in.

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Did ya just dust this account off yesterday and come in here to make this post? Nice random number generator name as well. You guys are fucked and its funny.

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Small pox doesn't really exist anymore, outside of a lab anyway. The only place you can still really find it in nature is maybe if you happen to live in Russia and you find a frozen corpse that occasionally get found in the tundra. That is why no one outside of the military or maybe if you specially ask for it will ever receive it, but even if you ask for it you probably couldnt receive it.

There actually was a scare not to long ago though where it was almost released because of an accident in a lab. Fortunately one two died, but it was estimated that around half of the US would've died.

You would know if you had gotten that vaccine, you end up with an itchy pus filled circle that you can't scratch or you spread the infection. So for about a week you live gnawing your teeth from the extreme itching sensation. And when its all over you end up with a scar with lots of scar tissue on the infection site.

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I can't tell anymore if anti-vaxxers are a jewish psyop to spread plagues on white nations or if vaccines are a psyop to give us all autism.

Edit: I am pro vaccination, autism is not that bad.

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As much as I wanna be your friend I’d rather vaccinate my child to avoid these “pox parties”

Now before any one calls me a Jew, OP hold my beer.

unzips - got proof bitch

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I don’t get what the common thread is?

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I bet you're just getting downvoats for your name being native on a smallpox post lmao

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Ha I didn’t even notice that little coincidence till now

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Not sure why you're getting downvoted. I think it implies vaccines make you sick, which they do, and the government is bad because they did smallpox blankets but they're good because they do vaccines? Idk really I'm in the same boat as you lol, like I get it a bit but it seems like there's probably a better analogy

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There isn't one; antivax is just starting to get a foothold here, so they post things like this where either your smug sense of superiority has you glossing over the blatant differences or you're a bad guy and should just be voted down.

vote up/down is a pretty welcoming system to this kind of manipulation, you can express dislike and silence people without really putting out anything of your own. You can't reason with the minus sign.

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Anti-Vac people get a bad rap. I’m anti-Vax and I’m not against vaccines

I’m against the flu vaccine and the 50+ vaccines that babies get.

My entire childhood I only received 12 vaccines including small pox. There’s no reason to be pushing 50+ on kids.

That’s basically the enire argument of “anti vaxx” people

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The American Indians are one of the few I can sympathize with in regards to the mass disease due to having zero control over it. For example niggers live in filth, so I have zero sympathy for them if there is some outbreak.

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The native american ghettos are apparently have a massive opiod addiction problem.

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That is what I have heard as well.

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"The blankets are to keep you warm and make you feel better." Wow, give me a break. What if we all are really always cold, and the more active we are the warmer we are. What if we get a cold or sickness or what the ackack and expire because we are not used to being always warm in the winter. Give me a break, the sickness was with the blankets and in the original owners. It spread not only by mite but by mental disease. The same mental disease the injections spread today. If you are worried about contagion, invest time into your own health, don't worry about being cold reject the 'doctors' blankets.