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But Goy, God isn't Logos. He loves liars, just read (((our))) Torah and see for yourself! Shaloms™!

Shaloms™ is a registered trademark of @NosebergShekelman and has been leased for use in exchange for financial slavery and eventual utter destruction.

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Kek. I love you fellow Juden. I wish many shaloms and foreskins upon you.

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Fucking 11/10 subline. I award you one kek.

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If you have to tell people that you are a man, you are not a man.

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This does not apply to an anonymous voat post, since the objective is not to virtue-signal or improve his social credit, but to make a point for objective debate or even just to get it off his chest.

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Don't make me body slam you! It's Ma'am!

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It's not enough to simply refuse to humor these people. You need to consider the blight on the future - your children's future, our children's future - that allowing their degeneracy to persist represents. We need to fight back against this filth. Oppose them at every opportunity.

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Every little bit helps

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Parading around a mental illness like it's heroic is in itself, mentally ill. Anyone who thinks they're something else are clearly fucked up and need help. Don't cater to their illness.

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Bradley Manning... MICHAEL SOWETORO

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We don't have to partake in their fantasy.

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My dilemma:

I will not refer to a man that wants to be a woman as a woman, but I also will not refer to a man that wants to be a woman as a man.

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Just referred them is it then

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But then I've given into the ridiculous pronoun thing!

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Join a trade and listen to the hecklers laugh at office people when we have the misfortune of getting a commercial job

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