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The most infuriating thing about shitlib sports fandom is that they actually do sort of take the position of this meme, drawing comparisons between team executives and slave owners.

Problem is, they take the stance of "why are these old white guys trying to profit from and control these black athletes?"

Not realizing of course that the NBA (and I'm sure the NFL) are soooooooo Jewish. The present and previous commissioner are Jews, something like 40% or more team owners are Jewish, yet you have these retarded mouthpieces like LeBron James always crying about racism setting these leftist sports fans into a frenzy of race-cucked moralizing.

The most recent example is Phoenix Suns owner (((Robert Sarver))) who came under fire for some reason. But the conversation is always centered around "old white guys."

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Leftists lumps Jews in with whites to vilify and blame white people for things, when it's largely Jews with the power in control. Then they also will view Jews an oppressed minority. Basically when Jews do bad, non-Jewish whites get the blame for it.

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antichrist jews enable blacks to hate us whites and I've seen it so many times over the years. Then many of (((them))) want us whites to then side with them after doing all of that. I've seen this many times over the years personally. antichrist jews always trying to start problems between whites and blacks up to all out race wars between whites and blacks. Not defending blacks here either, but exposing the antichrist jewish hypocrisy that they've been forcing us to go through over the years and/or past couple of decades (more and more heavily in recent times) to say the least.

After they start the race wars (((they'll))) want us whites to side with jews then and/or many of (((them))) will at least. Never relax around jews which enable blacks and/or psyop them into us whites and such. Never relax around blacks as well. But the antichrist jew + antichrist black (AJAB combo) go hand in hand in so many situations and/or has happened dozens upon dozens of times over the last 10 to 20 years.

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Just like (((Theo Epstein))) https://youtu.be/M0bc2-GP5CE

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Then all the more reason to use their language against them, and further deprive them of their sports ball.

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Watching men play sports is cucked and gay

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I would argue that watching sports is fun and entertaining but the heavy-handed leftist political corporate agendas promoted by these organizations are absolutely cucked and gay.

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Look at that giant nigger in the top left balancing on the ball, that's what the jews took from them, they could have all looked like that and they would each have twenty sheboons a day if it wasn't for those jews putting melanin suppressors in the watermelon and fried chicken. The black community must be informed of this injustice.

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Yeah except those circus animals get paid millions. Nobody cares that they'll blow it all. But nobody can say they aren't well paid to burn their bodies up and develop CTE.

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And the jewish NFL and NBA owners discriminate against white athletes in favor of blacks.

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Hope this takes off.

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Which circus still has a bear act? I'd kill to see that

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I dont know any circus animals that got paid millions to perform tricks . The best cribs, cars and white bitches can be had because of cucked sports fans who cheer them on every weekend and know their stats

Beyond pathetic. No fans = no pro sports

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