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"Why don't black people do something logical like only have sex with people they're prepared to raise a baby with?" - some fucking retard who doesn't understand how black people work

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I wish it was only niggers getting abortions.

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Mostly, it is...... https://www.guttmacher.org/sites/default/files/styles/scale_900x720/public/395-351.png?itok=rZGsou0l

Edit: don't mind the lefty talk on the stats sheet..... The numbers are pretty solid. also note: that is 2000 it looks like 40% of black women were aborting their nigglets.... and somehow we're all advocating that that stop????

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You don't have to be black to be a nigger.

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Let the kikes have this one thing.

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because it's illogical. The logical thing if you don't have much of a future in the legal market bc of low IQ, Is to bang as many bitches. and then once again eveyr 6 months out of baby jail.

This is from an atheist evolutionary worldview. The niggers don't have morality so it doesn't come into play.

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Since companies like to hire non-whites for the sake of virtue signaling and are probably desperate to find anyone better than the others, wouldn't blacks from stable families have a bright future ahead?

Granted, having as many children as possible supported by strangers has to be best reproduction strategy imaginable. At least right until the system collapses.

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They don't!

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Why dont black people do something logical like get a job and be productive and not be lazy with the english language?

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Genetic reasons mostly.

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because they can't

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Somebody posted a link earlier today of a survey - I believe it was 76% of women aborted just because they felt like it. The balance (24%) was due to rape, incest, fetal abnormality, danger to mother, etc all put together.

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They were told sleeping around was empowering somehow, and they're dumb enough to believe it.

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Same thing with working full time, women are living memes. I love them, but they're guillable beyond belief. And this is coming from a guy who isn't that bright himself. What the Jews did to our women is inexcusable.

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What percentage of "fathers" (biologically only) in the instances of abortion don't take any responsibility for their "slutty" lifestyle? 80%? 90%? More?

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If children weren't weaponized by the ZOG against men, maybe that number wouldn't be so high.

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Because they're retarded sluts.

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women do immoral things because they feel like it all the time.

It's like when a nigger is gratuitously violent bc power = cocain.

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But thats just florida

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Artificial birth control increases the number of abortions because of its failure rate. It is well known now thanks to people like Abby Johnson that the reason PP hands out birth control is because of this fact.

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Rape is real and most women cant fight of most men.

Still the main problem is hedonism

What if people only had intercourse with those they are willing to raise a child with.

The way we see sex has been corrupted. Its like the way we see fear. The old Celtic view was that cowardice was a choice and the freedom was rooted in love. Choosing to succumb to fear is to choose to abandon all that you love. So you deserve death.

People now see cowardice as an aromatic response that can be overcome with training.

How should our relation ship with sex changed ?

If a kid is one of the last few virgins at their school they are seen as scum.

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