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My dad told me when I was something like 10 years old that niggers are inferior, period. He told me to never forget it.

As I got older they tended to prove him right within a few minutes of me meeting them.

EDIT: I'm from the South

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My dad said something similar: I was not exposed to blacks as a kid, living in a lilly white countryside town. I asked, "Dad, why do you hate niggers?" He said, and I'll never forget, "You'll find out someday." I successfully kept an open mind, until I was living in Miami during the riots in the early 80s, when spear chuckers randomly chose to attack and kill people based on the whiteness of their skin.

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Northern cities started to regress immediately when large amounts of niggers moved from the south up to the social housing projects that were created during the Johnson administration in the 1960s. Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, DC, all around NYC and New Jersey the worst areas are all dominated by one specific community. Some cities like Detroit have had entire sections bulldozed and are vacant grassy lots now, which is a major improvement over how it was when one particular ethnic group was the majority.

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Lincoln had a point, when he suggested shipping them back to Africa I mean

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No. They were arguably the most incorrect about niggers. They thought niggers would make good slaves and destroyed their own countries by thinking there was any way to have niggers in our society.

If we just ignored Africa all this time they might have all died off by now. So ya... Thanks a lot slavers...

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Slavery is evil imo, so I don't have a problem with them being freed, but they should of been rounded up and shipped back to Africa.

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The Jews were also importing blacks into Europe pre-WW2. France, Germany, the UK, etc.

They know that blacks are dumb, but they also know they are dumb and malleable. Look at how in South Africa the Jew is never ever named. The blacks target poor white farmers, but leave the Oppenheimers and other billionaires alone. Jewish privilege.

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You were definitely right.

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Make Jim Crow Great Again

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