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They only look innocent. Inside, they hate you more than you can ever imagine. They're trained from birth to hate whites. Growing up, they're constantly told "we are not white, we only look white". Their entire childhood revolved around you being the enemy.

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Notice OP username "jeww" + member of VOAT for 6 days. ALWAYS look at username and amount of time they have been here. ALWAYS.

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I know who he is. Jeww is GhostSkin/TheAmerican/NiggerVirus

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That doesn't change anything. They're right. They tell the truth and that's all that matters.

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How about you pay attention to the content of their posts? Ya know.. what really matters?

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Faith, Family then country. It worked for our forefathers, it can work for us. White community centers are churches. They took our community centers away from us by infiltrating Christianity and perverting it and turning children away from God.

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The idea of "White" was seized upon by the Frankfurt school and subverted. They are constantly taking something good and making it evil. That is the nature of the deceiver.

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Yeah. All they can do is twist that which others have made. When Jews try to create on their own, it fails 99% of the time. What a perversion of a race.

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What do we have for the winner Johnny?

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Hey BRO if I was a fed I would say sjit like : OP NEEDS TO DIE BY INSERTING A MASSIVE GOLD DILDO IN HIS ASS... BUT am not a fed and OP is a nigger faggot!

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It took me forever to accept the fact (to an extent) that it is the jews. I have many friends that are jews. But it IS NOT the globalists (well, sort of), it IS the jews.

95%+ of all organizations that are fucking up everything is not "globalists," they are jews. 95%+ of those organizations are filled with 95%+ jews. IT IS THE JEWS. It hurts me to say that. I am still brainwashed.

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They're subversive by nature, literally snake people. Don't ever trust them, they will stab you in the front and the back.

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they will stab you in the front and the back.

They will only stab you in the front after stabbing you in the back, or having a golem of some sort incapacitate you so you are unable to defend yourself.

And they will cry out in agony as their blade pierces you, claiming to be the true victim.

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There have been times where jews could have damaged me and chose not to. I lent one money and he overpaid me without my asking.

I get that in the event of a cultural upheaval we don't have time for distinctions. If it ever gets bad, I will not be here saying "not all jews." But for the record, it is true that some are amicable.

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We had to rely on each other heavily when I was younger. We went our own ways. I still have one as a friend. He has done nothing but help me (I did heavily help him get his wife, that was about it). He has a good chance of dying soon. He is not the jew that is claimed on this site. If he is, he must not have gotten the memo on fucking me over.

(Meanwhile, he dies, I get some fucking bill in the mail where I have to pay $658,213 to his children, sigh.)

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I remember I investigated the numbers before. Some of these organizations are 95%+ Jewish, like the Anti-Defamation League, but it's very rare. For Facebook the CEO, COO, and CFO were all Jews at one point. I don't know if that's still so. You do get percentages over 80% for Hollywood, the Ivy League, and some big banks. Maybe for those pushing climate change, too. Most of the organizations messing stuff up are around 25 to 80 percent Jewish. Around 2 percent of the United States and 0.2 percent of the world is Jewish, so these numbers are still suspiciously high. There are a lot of non-Jewish globalists, but Jews are way more likely to be globalists than non-Jews.

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I just threw that out there without verification as a guesstimate. Thank you for correcting me. I 100% - 1% (99%) trust your statistics over everyone else (including myself) for some reason. This is not sarcasm. I wish you were on this site more verifying things.

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The numbers aren’t suspicion once you realize what we [sorry.] are and what they are.

It’s not suspicious, it’s 100% natural for them it turns out. It’s intuitive and religious to subvert and destroy all other cultures.

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Neocons brought us to the middle eastern meat grinder.

They were all Jews pretending to be white conservatives.

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Even wikipedia still accepts that neo-conservatives came from the leftists:

There was nothing conservative about any "neo-conservative."

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To do this day you have neocons masquerading as jews. Dennis Prager of Prager U is a prime example of Zionism through conservative politics.

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Not all Jews... Just like not all Muslims..

It's the Jews

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It is not the jews

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There are no more Jews. Not that I’ve seen. Only the Synagogue of Satan. Worshippers of Repham. Servants of Moloch. The remnants of tribes who abandoned their virtues for worldly pursuits. Murderers of morals and harbingers of cosmic dissonance. This is the spiritual warfare we’ve been warned about across all religions. An awareness that our consciousness is a valuable eternal energy- and anything of value is pulled between two poles of darkness or light.

Or yeah, I mean, it’s probably just the Jews.

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All of that is accurate and can not be conceived until you’ve realized it’s the Jews.

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What's a Jew?

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We don't war against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces.

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roommate gets a girlfriend

learn she's a jew

wish i could get away with murder

months pass, they start arguing

overhear roommate say along the lines of "you literally just said you think people who I share viewpoints with are less human than you"

bitch says "no i didn't!"

Jesus fucking christ I hope he drops her instantly. I told him this would happen too, because it's not the first time they've broken up.

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In this case you’re confusing jewesses for the modern woman.

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Modern women are basically Kike-Lite.

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No, I think that's just a woman's reaction to getting called on their bullshit.

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Jews are a certain way.

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90% will need to go, that could be conservative.

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All traitors to the USA must be killed, regardless of race

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I don’t believe their ‘spirit’ will ever be gone from this world. If you kill them, you only make them stronger.

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It's the spirit of the parasite. It will forever be in a battle with the spirit of Pinochet.

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Yeah,but jew killing has never really been tried. They've always been forced out,but never truly genocided. I think it's a good plan for the future. If nothing else,fewer jews means less problems.

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If you kill them, you only make them stronger.

Wtf, did Justin Trudeau make a voat account?

"If you kill your enemies... th-they... they win."


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The reality of our situation reveals not only the nature of control, but the nature of Man

This is exactly what happened to me when I finally understood. Study Hebrew. It's all there in plane sight. The core belief of Jahudi (Jewish) enlightened beings verses the animal nature of goyim. The worship of Lucifer. The duel nature of reality. The subversion of good to evil for power. It's all there. It's not the Jews entirely. If you learn enough you will realize that small percentage of Jews are part of a cult which rules the others and sometimes kills other Jews.

There are humans which need to die so that I may live and they’re so much more “innocent”

What does that mean?

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As soon as you realize it is “the Jews” you have the eyes to see it as complex all over again. It’s way more than “it’s the Jews”...but that is where one naive rabbit hole ends and another more graduated perspective begins. Once you realize “it’s the Jews”, it’s free fall question of every fabric of reality. It forces a new multidimensional confrontation with the nature of ‘evil’ and it’s role in mankind.

Hebrew is unfortunately very powerful. As is Kabbalah. These are unparalleled languages because they are mathematical expressions. Math is the language of God.


...I mean a lot of things by that. It’s a tough thing to encapsulate.

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This is the point upon which I'm beginning to arrive. I don't even see it as christians vs jews or republicans vs democrats anymore. They've so thoroughly infiltrated and subverted every aspect of what was once white christian tradition and culture that you cannot see it. Once you look back into (((their history))), spend some time reading the talmud and try to trace some of the genetic lineage through the khazars you start seeing the way forward. You understand what their endgame is and you just go after (((them))). All else is just distraction tactics that they are famed for using to D&C.

Jews are the enemy. They always have been.

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Hebrew is unfortunately very powerful. As is Kabbalah. These are unparalleled languages because they are mathematical expressions.

whatever, kike

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No U

Its the goys

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It’s you.

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That's exactly what a sneaky goy would say. Always blame us poor jews for everything bad. oy vey

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There are humans which need to die

oy vey

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