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Invalid statistics. Those who selected no reason simply didn't want to share, or felt it was nobody's business but their own.

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Feel free to support this statement, providing numbers and figures. Here is the link to all the original stats:


Abortion Data –> By Gestation Reason (2018)

The point of my post was to illustrate that the "abortions in case of incest, rape or endangering the mothers' life" is shown – at least for 2018 – to be a fallacious argument.

Women perform abortions overwhelmingly as an elective means (of birth control).

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These statistics were proven to have been altered in the other thread.... OP your post is fake news

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Doesn't necessarily invalidate the statistics, but yes does look like OP confused 'no reason' and no reason given on whatever survey generated this result.

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Please support this claim and provide evidence that would refute it.

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Ummm... This is literally one of the first things they teach in any statistics class. When you ask for sensitive information from people (Ya know, such as have you been raped or have you had sex with your brother.) people are reluctant to just volunteer that information. Therefore, all statistics involving such when a person has to reveal very sensitive information of themselves should be taken with a hefty grain of salt.

You have to know how to find out if a graph is misleading if you're to call yourself educated... and this is a very misleading one. The majority in the "No reason" category simply didn't say they had a reason. They did not say that they're doing it for the hell of it.

The evidence that this is the case is called "Human nature." We're protective of information that we find shameful or otherwise unsavory. If you think that even close to the majority of people are going to truthfully give an answer, if one at all, to this sort of question then you really shouldn't be trying to have input on a topic like this.

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Yeah, no.What matters is the rape / serious fetal abnormality/ womans health.

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Women act like rape is such a huge deal while supporting ideas and policies that would bring in real rape culture by the millions. When in reality, nobody treats rape more seriously than white society.

And then it turns out abortions happen more commonly for fatal abnormalities than they do for rape....

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nobody treats rape more seriously than white society

Only white men. I know many, many white women that think rape is simply having a bad date. They throw the term around like it doesn't mean anything. That's why so many women are rape crazy. They've convinced themselves it happens constantly. No wonder they don't think it's a big deal to import rapists from countries where it's so common children and animals are raped as much as adult women.

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Exactly white Sharia law for white thots

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Self-imposed white Sharia.

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I need a link. 0.0001% destroys the rape babies excuse

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Thank you. Some good shit there.

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0.0001% destroys the rape babies excuse

no their excuse is that its their body and they can be irresponsible sluts if they want

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I firmly believe in abortion being illegal for Caucasians. Also legal and free for everyone else.

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I hold no stance on abortion. I do want my white race to thrive, but I dont care if some piece of shit woman wants to abort their baby.

But call it what it is - murder.

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99.997% were elective...

and I still would like to know what illness require abortion to save the life of a woman...

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When the baby attaches inside a fallopian tube the Mother is in danger and the child won't survive either.

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I should have remembered ectopic pregnancy (had a friend who had one), but ectopic pregnancy is not a death sentence without abortion when the mortality rate is .02% of ectopic pregnancy... and 4 to 10% of pregnancy related deaths over all (odd they can't nail that number down a little closer).

thank you for the reminder.

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I wonder what's up with the remaining 4.5359%

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Those were transvestites thinking they needed an abortion even though they had no uterus.

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White men stopped them from dying in childbirth a long time ago.

Then they came up with 15 different kinds of birth control for them; including the Ooops, I'm irresponsible and stupid morning after pill.

The list of insanely selfish demands is never going to end because we're dealing with the cast of a COPS episode, (on the internet they can and do present themselves as something else entirely) and none of them have any men around of their own who can change a lightbulb for them and fulfill those kinds of properly womanly demands

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