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Meat will go up due to lack of feed

The biggest short-term reason for meat prices to go up is due to the flooding in the upper Great Plains. Thousands of head were killed and pastures are inundated. Adding in the loss of those pastures only adds to the problem. There are no simple answers.

Remember also, just 5 years ago the same area was under rather severe drought. 10,000 years ago they were covered in glaciers. The climate isn't a stable condition. Look at the long term to see any significance.

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Solar minimum

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Don't forget that China, Russia and other countries are also involved in weather modification. Everything touches everything else.

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I lived on the GULF COAST my whole life - I have NEVER seen a HURRICANE that big start in THE GULF of MEXICO - Hurricanes start off the COAST of AFRICA - Funny How It destroyed an AIR FORCE BASE ---> Hurricane Michael Path

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It's literally raining in California in May. WTF?

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The climate is changing. I'm pretty sure someone has told you this already.

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The polar convulsion made news last week. Maybe they'd know if they didn't reject science so hard.

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There is more than a two week window. There are multiple types of seed that germinates at different day counts. However the longer the day count typically the bigger yield, so it's better to get it Inb4 earlier. Rain every two days is the worst. Once every 10 days would be perfect.

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No, within the maelstrom of conflicting information, the only framework of reasonable theories has to do with the sun. the climate changes according to our relationship with the sun and its varying output. There are ways they can manipulate weather though, I just dont think they can do it on this scale.

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