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This is why I tell people to choose their ethics and morals, stand their fucking ground, and don't compromise even one iota. I get so much shit for it but this is exactly why. When you make one exception, you must make more and suddenly your ethics and morals mean nothing and you lied to yourself the whole time.

For example: Abortion is murder. I didn't fucking stutter, I don't care what you want to dream up to masturbate yourself to in order to justify if for one thing or another. It's fucking murder, you fucking baby killers.

Pick your spot, stand your ground, and tell everyone else how degenerate they are for sliding around for what feels good instead of what is good.

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This is exactly how America spiraled out of control. In the 90's, lots of people shifted from being 100% anti-faggot to "what gays do in their own bedroom is none of my business". That pushed us down the slippery slope and now the jews and training our 4 year olds to parrot tranny talking points and cutting their cocks off.

Give the gays an inch and they'll take the whole 8 inches.

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The whole 8 inch... that’s a pretty big one I gotta admit

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It was insidious and exploited empathy. No one wanted anyone to tell them what they could or couldn't do in their own house or bedroom so they agreed. NO Christian should have agreed to that because you're not supposed to compromise with sin in any way.

Empathy is the achille's heal of the white man. It's also tempered by ethics and morals.

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I remember when they were preaching tolerance for everyone. Now they’re shoving it down our throats and verbally and sometimes physically abusing us when we dare to speak out. What was once reluctantly tolerated has become the narrative gospel.

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Give the gays an inch and they'll take the whole 8 inches.

Hahahaha. That tickles me so.

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I agree, you have to speak your truth.

Abortion may be Murder, but might is right.

I don’t care if you say it’s wrong when I say it’s right, because it kills an important percentage of black children on fledgling American soil. That makes it right to kill them. To save society.

Mostly, I’m just playing devils advocate, but just a passing note: if you’re deciding on rules for yourself, always remember there’s those that will never give themselves rules and they will always be among you, especially if you do not push the rules aggressively onto your culture -wether with violence or whatever means you’ve decided is ok to achieve your ends.

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Is it murder if the kid is a nigger, sand-nigger, or a taco-nigger? What about if it is a torah-nigger? If so, is murder wrong in all instances?

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Did. I. Fucking. Stutter? How is it so fucking difficult to understand that shit or is it just that you really have to have something to stroke your dick to?

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There's that old saying, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

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Never heard that one before. It's good.

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So denying the Holocaust becomes tolerable, than acceptable, then legal, then praised?

I'm totally on board.

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Came here to post this. This bullshit works both ways.

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There we go !!. That's the cognitive conclusion most here seem to be missing, even though it's clearly spelled out in the OP. Have a goat point.

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Perhaps OP is talking about the remote mind surveillance/control tech that (((JEWS))) seem to have.



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Having a dog as a life partner is so much easier than managing a relationship with a human. Most dogs like sex any time, oy vey, and they never require much other than a little dog food, and never butt into your decision-making. Shaloms™✡️ and welcome to the future, goys

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Oh jew!

You had me in the first half.

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Which is why minarchists are the most foolish of the Statist Faith. The same arguments they use aptly in every other instance, and they're so blinded by their faith, they cannot connect the final dots.

For those who think libertarian, Constitution Party, Reform Party, or even "Libertarian Party", candidates are too extreme.. look at where the US started, and where it is today.

There was not a single American so statist that they wouldn't have rightfully identified the US as enslaved, and resumed the revolutionary war, before the end of the 19th century.

Edit: Understand "The 7 Never-to-be-Forgotten Principles of Government".

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My biggest question is in a libertarian state who would pay for the military? Even now the US isn't at the top in terms of military funding from what I remember so what would prevent another country from coming in and making us subjects of their government?

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The process is aimed only at 'legal', praise or otherwise is irrelevant at that point.

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...then praised, then enforced by violence

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Yes, and with that, the chaos and the total societal decline.

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then normalized

then forced down your throat

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I think maybe the last word should be 'mandatory.'

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