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Roads: Building - you issue construction bonds, and enact tolls to use them until the bond is paid off. Make sure the bond sales also sets up a maintenance fund that would sit for 10-30 years gaining interest until the bond is paid off with the tolls - the faster the bonds are paid off, the faster the road becomes free to use. You then have road repair funds to maintain said road. You also could just get people to create their own by renting a bulldozer and a grader. neighborhoods could join up, and issue bonds themselves, sell lemonade, etc to cover the cost of a mile or two.

Military. Don't need it. An armed populace is free and unconquerable. If you really feel bad about it, require 16-50 serve in a local militia 1 weekend a month. Raise money for more lethal weaponry through fundraising events, bond issues, or donations. Hell yeah, we got ourselves a Tank, boys!!!

Coast Guard - same as militia. But, can also have cutters paid for through port/dock fees and customs fines.

Construction inspections, etc. - Paid for through violation fines and fees for variances to the building code. Require new buildings to pay for an inspection, just like when you buy a house. Tenants would pay for the inspectors.

Food inspections - Again, if needed, paid for through violations. Usually not needed, and does anyone actually think that they do anything worthwhile? How many shows have you seen where the kitchen is disgustingly dirty and not up to code?

Scientific research - government grants are a relatively new phenomenon - mid 50's, maybe? (Read Big Science by Michael Hiltzik if interested in how this came about.) Private donors and grants and patrons worked great for centuries. Also, profit motive is a big key for R&D. Again, could raise funds through charities, issue bonds or stock offerings, or simply beg rich people to fund you.

Police - no need. Have a county sheriff office - again, paid for through fines and violations. Jail time reserved for violent crimes only. Convicts would work on roads and other labor actions that need it in order to reduce their toll on society and would earn money through their work to pay for their own incarceration and food.

County deed offices would still exist, and would be paid for by filing and recording fees, notarizations, and contract validation requests.

Courts would work the same way - paid for through fines and filing fees. No need for big courthouses, judges would travel the county and provide courts at each village or sheriff office.

Schools would be paid for via each city/village and by tutelage fees. You have a kid, that kid pays a bit for the schoolmaster. No need to have giant buildings


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Damn...That was a good, well thought out answer.
Your first point about the roads is actually something that sounds like it could work right out of the box too.
The inspectors, sheriff, county office, and courts one still gets me, though.
The issue I have with them circles back around to the money - while your fee based system makes perfect sense in theory, what do they do for money during the times that there aren't people building new houses, or requiring any sort of official paperwork overall? It seems like it could be a major issue in small towns as well as big cities; small towns having extended periods of no new construction - and a large city, which could potentially require a lot of staff, if there's even a relatively small amount of time where there's no work for them, they'd have 0 income, which could be very bad, very quickly, for a place that has a lot of people that need to be paid.


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Why does it have to be a full time job for the "official" side?

The local house inspector who hires on with private people to inspect houses so they don't but a POS would also be available to the "official" side to do the inspection for the zoning commission, or the builder or whoever. If an error occurs, the inspector, as well a the builder, are liable, to avoid corruption.

What I am saying is that is doens't have to be a career position. It can be a part-time, piecemeal gig, a side job. Like the football referee on Friday night high school games. Just because the job is needed doesn't mean it needs to be staffed 100% at all times.

Right now, we hire a bunch of people to do the "official" job, to cover the job, plus sick time. plus vacation, plus leave, plus pensions, plus benefits/health care, etc. so we end up paying 150% or more than we should for the same job that we could pay piecemeal.

And we only need to pay those extra costs because of the high taxes to begin with. If everyone took home 100% of their pay, these fees and benefits wouldn't be needed to be covered. People could cover them easily themselves.

Personally, I have zero issue with county taxation. County maintain roads are the cornerstone of the community. The county sheriff is the cornerstone of community safety and policing. It's not about incarceration, it;s about getting home safely. IN the cities, each neighborhood needs to step up and do their part.

There will always be corruption, the question is, do you want the local precinct captain being corrupt with the $100k budget they have, or do you want a Senator or Cabinet member being corrupt with a few hundred billion $? Which is more likely to cause serious harm, and which is more likely to not be able to buy their way out of the fraud?


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When it comes to privatizing things, who would be paying them?
Like maintaining roads - one mile of paved highway is ~$1,000,000 (I don't know what repaving or chip & seal costs) who's paying that?


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The Value of building a road Changes completely. What it costs now under a system of taxes and regulations isn't comparable. Privatizing may make it Way cheaper in some areas of the country and just as expensive in others, would depend on the competitive nature of supply, and demand. As it should be.