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Roof was in 2015 and Samson said he specifically wanted to kill more than Roof.

Get your shit right.

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My bad, I was in the heat of the moment. I can omit the 2017 and just say church shooter. Sorry everyone, bad meme.

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wanted to kill more than Roof.

He didn't, though, because nogs can't do anything right.

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How many did he kill?

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Roof is a JEW??

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Dylann Storm Roof shot absolutely no one and that entire story was fake. How are people still taken in by these obviously fabricated media hoaxes?

There was a video by the YouTuber RedSilverJ that showed a couple black kids allegedly the day after the alleged shooting. Their mother had allegedly been shot to death the day before, yet they showed absolutely no grief and kept repeating “we feel nothing but love” which was obviously their scripted talking point. Completely devoid of real grief and authentic emotions, they were the most obvious crisis actors since Mark Walsh on 9/11. This video is now completely scrubbed from the internet, I wonder why?

They also allegedly had a memorial service 2 days after the church in the same exact spot the shooting allegedly took place. This is impossible and would never happen in real life due to the damage and biohazardous blood that would be there, not to mention someone fucked up the time stamp of the security footage of Roof entering the church and used 0800 instead of 2000 (military time). Many of the photos of Roof were photoshopped as well.

You will never see any evidence of a real shooting in Charleston because there was not one. How convenient that Hillary happened to be in the area to give an anti-gun speech right after it happened. How convenient that the entire event was foreshadowed a year before in the movie Kingsmen.

These are just a few ways we know it was a hoax, not to mention how his manifesto was obviously fabricated and not written by a teenager.

Totally fake shooting, 100% no deaths, no bullets.

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What people don't understand that even if it was a hoax the story still being pushed is that white supremacist all whites bad.

whether we want to believe it or not roof is now a symbol that means something to people and in the right context points to something. My hopeful point was to show media bias regarding what narratives they wish to push versus the stories they don't want to be heard as it would go against their narrative.

Roof is a poster child but have people ever heard of Samson? That's what my question was.

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Totally understand that, I'm just saying we need not concede that Roof actually shot anyone when he probably wasn't even a real person.

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Damn, half those links are gone. It's disgusting how they scrub this stuff.

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It sure is and YT is not the only offender..

Voat rejected both of these highly informative links from DailyMotionVideo & Inquisitr.com on the grounds the "comment contains banned domains," we got around the problem this time after finding alt links. Edit

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My bad everyone, wrong information. I will update to omit 2017 and just say church shooting. Still doesn't take away from the fact more people know about roof than Samson.

Media selective bias is a bitch.

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Because whites actually get shit done when they say they are going to. They don't half ass it like niggers.

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Roof was a jewish hoax

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Roof's attack was in 2015

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My bad, here's updated


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Nice. Saved.