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This is why the jew viciously hates the south— they fight the brainwashing every step of the way, and this pisses them off to no end. "WHY WON'T THEY JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TAKE IT UP THE ASS? GODDAMNED RETARDED HILLBILLIES"

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Backwoods! Redneck! Hillbilly! Cousincest! White trash! Trump supporters! White supremacist! White male! Cis!

Anything they can say to discredit common sense.

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And as a result a lot of people are moving to the south. Suddenly the south is no longer such a backwards place in the world of clowns.

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And the weather isn't complete ass year-round.

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Good shit. I'm so happy there are places in America that don't let the degeneracy take a foothold.

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Just a reminder: The first place to stop degeneracy is in your home, next is your community, and then your municipality (if you are ambitious). Others will take notice of you - Just as others took notice of Jesus.

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The first place to stop degeneracy is in your home

B-but it makes my peepee feel good.

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would gas

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Jews were never gassed. Don't use their language.

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I wonder where all the "hurr durr Christianity bad atheism good" fags are considering its the religious South banning degenerate shite and atheist liberal cities pushing it.

Good to see Alabama still has a fucking brain. Lot of respect for them recently.

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I wonder where all the "hurr durr Christianity bad atheism good" fags are considering its the religious South banning degenerate shite and atheist liberal cities pushing it.

MEANWHILE: Churches scam worshipers out of money to fund importation of niggers, Protestant Churches in Europe remove crosses to accommodate Muslims, LGBTQPedo and infinity nigger immigration promoted by the pope. Dyke Jewesses as Bishops. Most branches of Christianity are run by "haha G-d loves everyone regardless of race, except for evil white people, shalom fellow Christians" (((Clergy))).

And worst of all the unconditional support of Israel no matter what being the most important thing to Christians, cause fuck actually doing what the bible says.

You are cherry picking the few good things and ignoring the giant pile of bad.

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Atheism sucks. Its a dead end to nothing. There's no tradition or major collective to be part of unless you join a small nihilistic group full of edgy cringe. There are "Christians" who are subverted then there are actual Positive Christians contributing to fighting moral decay and preserving tradition. Hitler discussed about "Positive Christianity".

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I recall that the Evangelicals are the ones pushing for Zionist policy in the Republican party because they believe that Israel's existence is proof that the Bible is the word of God. And the Republican party supports it because the Evangelicals are one of the largest voting blocs for them.

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Everything listed above is exclusively relegated to western 'christianity.'

Russia Stronk

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I think you're completely right, but there are still some rogue holdouts like the sedevacantists and E. Michael Jones.

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I'm an atheist, but religion is a very important part of any functional society. Any bit of perennial philosophy will teach this.

So yes, religion is a good thing in this instance. However, religion is supposed to be homogenous across the entire populace and specific to the native population. This is why I favor paganism over Christianity. Christianity is a globalist religion that unifies people past ethnic and cultural backgrounds. That is not healthy for a functioning society, as we will end up where we are today, all over again.

I'm not sure why you have such a prejudice against atheism in a world that is so soulless. Modernism has robbed the western world of everything that means anything past the earthly realm. Atheism is a justified reaction to the disconnect with the Divine, a disconnect that permeates every part of your life.

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Catholicism is not Christianity.

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I see lots of churches in places like Boston and DC flying the gay flag.

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That's theologically liberal Christianity which has embraced the critical interpretation of the Bible invented by the Jew Baruch Spinoza. Read up on him and the modernist controversy to trace the downward spiral that lead to the death of the church in New England. It was an intentional takedown by Jews and Marxists.

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The Roman Catholic church is pozzed. The Protestants have been overrun by liberals since the beginning. Evangelicals are off their rocker.

It looks like the Eastern Orhodoxy (Serbian, Russian, Greek & Syrian) is the only place where Christianity still has a fighting chance. Which is why they are under attack in Serbia, Egypt and Syria - and also explains why (((they))) hate Russia.

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I wish I was in Dixie

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I'm a damn Yankee and I love the south!

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Visit before you say that.

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I love being a native Alabamian and still living here.

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It was great before the integration. Schools dumbed down to accomodate them, crime out of control. My homestate never recovered and has gone to shit since the late 60s. But that's racist.

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you're probably right. we don't have blacks in my neck of the woods.

hispanics of every flavor though. makes me sick.

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Where the fuck are the 'faggot arthur' memes?

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When did the south fall?? Just asking, maybe I missed something.

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The Civil War

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Dixie to arms! The south will rise again y'all! FUCK the black lives matter!

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I love being and still living in Alabama. Native Born and bred to respect all people and all nature, nature revolts when man tries to change the "people part" . Nature has won every battle so far.

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Reddit is of course full of "haha incest haha Alabama haha" jokes - I asked for a single citation regarding Alabama as the "incest capital", and couldn't get one. Downvoted to oblivion, naturally. I spent the better part of an hour looking online and couldn't find a single statistic supporting the claim that inbreeding is more common in Alabama than elsewhere. The only statistics I could find were national-level, and from those, it's unlikely that anywhere in the States is a serious contender for the "most inbred" crown.

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The citation you're looking for is hollywood. The liberal elite didn't like the south's resistance to their degeneracy, so the propaganda machine has been in overdrive since.

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Makes sense - though even Southern California isn't as degenerate (in my experience) as San Francisco. Oh, San Francisco...a year there, and I thought to myself, "Ah, I see why everyone is jumping off the big red bridge".

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The first place I would look for inbreeding is Dearborn, Michigan.

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Ironically, the hillbillies of the South have a higher average iq than most other groups, including the cherry picked Jewish scores.

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Yeah, I've always been impressed by the Amish - average of 8 children/family (25% have 11+ children), yet LOWER child mortality rates that the surrounding population (including relative to just the surrounding white population), and they manage to make money and expand without using many of the sorts of technology that are associated with productivity.

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