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I have a coworker who plays one of those channels out loud every day, and you're not joking. The repeats are fucking ridiculous.

If I have to hear sweet child 'o mine one more time I'm going to jump out the fucking window.

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So you'll jump out the window in an hour or two tops?

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Not if I shove pencils through my eardrums first.

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Guns and Roses is so fucking gay

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Axl Rose fucks midgets.

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I recently found a ban called "Lillians Axe" and I swear that the Music industry chose to promote Guns and Roses over Lillian Axe. Probably a dozen other good bands too that never got the spotlight because they wouldn't bend the knee.

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Guns = penises

Roses = hairy testicles

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GNR comes on for the umpteenth time:


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18 hundred billion billions!

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...and they wonder why 'going postal' is a thing

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What is worse is satellite radio. The have a virtually unlimited number of channels and time to fill.

Same story: every genre just the top 50.

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And now also packed with commercials.

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sat radio... we dont have commercials or DJ's... wait... we dooo.... but pay for us....

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It's what they did to movies. Remember when theaters didn't show any commercials? I 'member.

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Almost all DJ's on satellite radio are jewish hahaha We play some tunes for you goys. You're welcome! Shaloms

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Actually I find that the classic country music channels play all kinds of music you have not heard. Not just the top 50 all time songs.

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I recommend nigger fucker by David Alan Coe. Also fucking in the butt.

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Actually satellite radio can be great, but you need to listen to it when they have guest DJs. For instance, when Marky Ramone DJs for 1st Wave I hear great punk and new wave songs I haven't heard since the late 70s/early 80s. I've had the same experience on country and classic rock focused channels.

So it can suck just as for everyday driving around music, but if you tune in to a specific show, it can be great.

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Agreed. It's just the "Hits". You can find that shit at walmart, or a discount store.. or Pandora. Plus, they mix it with stuff from later on... and current day ads. They made it so a computer could run the station for years without input.

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thats what iheart radio did to our local stations. they bought in and killed just about all the local stuff, so now any "local" comes out of CA and its not even for us.

We have some talk guys i found on the AM channels that are in our area, so thats nice

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It's so bad I've started listening to classical music on the way to work just to avoid the commercials and the same songs played over and over.

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iheart radio sucks big time. They keep promising to declare bankruptcy, I wished they'd shut down already.

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I'm happy my country has a law that states at least 40% of the airtime has to be filled with local stuff like news, reports of events, interviews, politics, anything related to the city. The other 60% can be music and a small amount of commercials. Would be annoyed if my local stations were basically Winamp put in random.

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Yeah. They should have left Tay alive and let her do this.

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Boston, Kansas, Journey, REO, Fucking White Snake!!!!! Here I Go again on my own!!!! OMG!!!!!! I fucking hate it all!!!!!!!!

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What has nine arms and sucks?

Def leopard.

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It must be the same all over the country.

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Oh fucking kill me now

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It's a fucking amazing song.

Then again I don't hear it twenty times a day, might be a bit biased.

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Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana. I now hate Nirvana.

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They probably don't even play songs from Bleach. That's my favorite album now, but I wish it had Dave Grohl on drums.

[–] Mylon 4 points 14 points (+18|-4) ago  (edited ago)

Welcome to the intersection between capitalism and psychology. People prefer music they've heard before. Capitalism requires that these radios play music that can move records. Pushing old records is a losing strategy, so they hyper focus on the ones that do sell. Net result: The strategy that gives the most value (a diverse playlist) does not yield the best profit.

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((( Capitalism )))

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What economic system do you propose to replace it?

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Are you reading this thread? People don't want to f'ing hear shit they've already heard 5000 times before.

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We aren't NPCs. Normies still outnumber us at least 3 to 1 (maybe 9 to 1).

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Judging by how popular modern country is, I have come to accept the fact that large portions of people apparently want to hear the same 10 songs over and over, musically speaking, as long as the lyrics are different.

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I've heard this before. Something along the lines of most people will continue listening as long as the songs don't vary too much from one to the next and that there is a genre for this (no substance, everything sounds the same... I forget the name of it) that is exemplified by maroon 5.

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> pop

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Too lazy to bootleg?

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Honestly I need to get back into tackling the tough job of managing a sizable library. I was collecting a lot of music for a while, but I ran into several problems:

  • Maintaining 3 libraries: Portable (fits on phone), listenable, collection (complete albums, for trading purposes)
  • Sorting. Rating songs to put in portable, listenable, and unlistenable categories.
  • Trading. MP3 tags change the hash of the file and make it harder to identify duplicates.
  • Quality. Much of my library is old 128 kbps and needs replacement. Many files have incorrect tags.
  • Backup. A hundred GB of music turns into an expensive backup service bill.
  • Discovery. Only listening to stuff I've downloaded makes it difficult to find more music I like.
  • Usability. Finding a particular track to play on a whim is difficult. Having an offline voice recognition search option would be amazing for this.
  • Playback. Youtube is easier to put on a TV for music than getting music to play with other apps. It inspires great jealousy.

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Can't agree more! I've stopped listening to any modern or classic rock. My epiphany came in several ways.

1: I read the best expose of rocknroll ever. Weird scenes from the Canyon- Dave McGowan.

2: Now I was already 30 years into listening to Against the wind and patience and take it on the run repeats when I just got so sick of classic rock. It was driving a truck that did me in. Like eating to much chocolate' I swore of the audio junk food and went full in classical music.

3: anyone who knows anything about rock music knows there is a perverted demonic greedy and merciless Jew behind it. I.e. Harvey was a music promoter way back, they are all run and owned by Jews. That was it.

Now when I get the misfortune of hearing it I feel the decadence the nihilism and the anti european culture come right thru.

My kids wife and I now listen to classical and opera. And we love it.

I play it when working and every time I do i get compliments from my clients and their neighbors. 2

[–] TheSeer 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

Yes, classical music or monks chanting, or at the very least something outside the mainstream.

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3: anyone who knows anything about rock music knows there is a perverted demonic greedy and merciless Jew behind it. I.e. Harvey was a music promoter way back, they are all run and owned by Jews. That was it.

You can connect anything and everything to Jews if you try hard enough. But Rock music is something made by whites, and enjoyed by whites for generations. It's disappearing in the modern world because the niggers and spics don't like it, and has been replaced by the same repetitive R&B crap. Rock is part of our culture and heritage, part of our creativity. It's not the product of one person, and music producers aren't musicians. If you let your enjoyment of something be ruined because a Jew found a way to make money from it, you won't be able to enjoy anything at all.

This "Jews had some connection to it, so you're not allowed to enjoy it" is Voat's version of "racists had some connection to it so you're not allowed to enjoy it" moralizing. Also, it strikes at this idea that nothing can change away from its orgins. It's like that argument that you're not allowed to celebrate Christmas because it was a Pagan holiday, ignoring 2000 years of European culture/art/music, and our own family and childhood memories of Christmas.

[–] Wazhappenin1 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

I see your point you made it very well however that being said that's just one part of it. I'm glad you find enjoyment in rock music that's great I'm just tired of it I'm tired of the 4/4 time the refrain the 4-5 verses the chorus, the guitar solo the look The Hair the dress the performance.

And like the OP brought up I'm certainly tired of classic rock radio. Holly shit that's fucking brain damage.

A couple years ago my wife and I went to a John Bonamassa concert now he's an amazing guitarist and the stuff I've heard from him I think I heard can play a show at Albert Hall in England I saw it with a friend on television incredible I went to see him live and he was dressed up in the whole retro deal complaining about modern music who played rockabilly Blues the old standards and chops and even without all the three reasons I gave in my comment before my wife and I walked out of that show probably 3/4 songs in and the tickets were $65 each it literally was boring .

now I do occasionally like to play guitar (I want to record somee licks and upload them on guitar Fridays once I figure out how] and when I do I usually play Pink Floyd. I feel that Rodger Waters moves away from his Tavistock conditioning and brought his music in line with interesting commentary to say the least. Once they got rid of Barrett that is.

Like I've said I've listened to that music since 1979 I been the live shows watching Pink Floyd and you name it I'm simply just tired of listening to the same old Tunes over and over again but say I was listening to satellite radio I think the channel That I like the most is Outlaw country because they play Johnny Cash Willie Nelson Merle Haggard and their songs are stripped down enough that they are still enjoyable to me .

but that being said you have to accept the fact on its face that the rock music that has come out of the 60s 70s 80s 90s and even now portrays a message of decadence of nihilism of self-absorption a complaining spirit how that can be resolved with a positive outlook towards family culture and community I don't know if you have somehow found that balance then great. for me and my family I'm choosing completely to ignore disregard and dismiss anything that comes out in that genre at 46 years old I feel it's it's time for a change and now getting into classical music I get benefits from that that I do not get from rock music inasmuch as I get to listen to it with my children and I don't have to explain lyrics like" I'm going to hell in a bucket baby but at least I'm enjoying the ride ..." I'm sure you get my point. The Jew factor is also in classical music but they are mainly players not composers. And the composer's frkeom the 19th century li Mahler and Sibelius basically shunned their jewish heritage in favour of the European ideal.

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Christmas was never about Christ, it was about people avoiding winter depression and death.

That's why Christians stole the already-functioning holiday and slapped their name on it.

Keep celebrating OUR THING now everybody! Yea, this ancient pre-Christian celebration is ALL ABOUT JESUS.

Don't forget everybody, JESUS IS THE REASON!

Fucking trash marketing. I hate Christians. Downvoat me you fucking traitors to true European heritage.

Remember your original gods.

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I just listen to Japanese music, I hardly know what they are saying but alot of it sounds good so fuck it, and the stations I use play a huge variety.

[–] DontBeRacist 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Momoiro Clover, Perfume, and a little Band-Maid. Other J-pop groups sound too normal and boring to me. I wish YouTube would stop suggesting Baby Metal. They sound like a terrible metal band that wouldn't be good with a normal metal guy singing for them.

[–] DontBeRacist 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

I saw a picture of the Doors with a Jew whose last name was Roth. He was short and blatantly Jewish-looking. They totally wanted to push Jim Morrison's irresponsible, degenerate shit as someone people should admire and look up to. I must admit, though, that the Doors had great music. Something about Ray, Robby, and even John getting inspired by Jim made them extraordinary. Then Jim was gone, and they were good but nothing special. It was like they went from color to black and white.

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You have to read weird scenes from the canyon by Dave McGowan it talks about all these bands I'm telling you right now it will create so much cognitive dissonance in you as it did for the author and for me for anyone else that reads it brother we have been lied to since the day we were born.

Yeah back in college and high school degeneracy was something to be looked at as somewhat cool at least for my group. Grateful Dead all the big bands I even got caught up with Phish of course they started right when I was going to college in fact they played at my college graduation that's how small they were when I was listening to them in school cafeterias but my God what a waste of time listening to that music. Jane's Addiction and Chili Peppers.

Anyway what's nice about listening to classical music he is it's a total family involvement exercise. It's just like when I stopped drinking beer couple months ago and started drinking seltzer water now all my kids and my wife we all can take part in drinking seltzer water it's not just one person drinking beer the whole family's involved and drinking seltzer water now in this a lot of fun believe it or not. Hey everyone's different and everyone has different tastes I just feel better about not having to rationalize degeneracy because I listen to the music or I like the tune or the beat.

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Radio is ike a store: they only want to stock the top sellers. No variety.

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You really miss a lot of good songs if you're not listening to albums. You also get something other than the standard pop music formulas.

I V vi IV

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When I was a teen, classic rock was playing stuff from the 70's. By that measure, we should have things from 2000-2009 playing on classic rock stations right now.

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It's close, one station I listen to considers the '90s "classic rock"

[–] lord_nougat 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 


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Classic rock is supposed to be 60s and 70s stuff. They need another name for stuff after that. I think in the 90s there was classic rock (60s and 70s) and 80s were referred to as eighties.

[–] SquarebobSpongebutt 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Most be a small list of stuff. The 90s had hardly anything anyone would consider classic 20 years from now.

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