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The arrogance by this kike is absolutely astounding! These people really think they own us, and should play god with our lives. Fucking nasty despicable kikes. Great find, this really gives some insight into what Schlomo really thinks of us.

US Democratic religious Buttigieg was immediately confronted when he used the word Pharisee despairingly. He was not aware of it being insulting for Jews and after initially declaring that it can be used for hypocrites, he quickly learned he was wrong, apologized and won’t do it again.

So, this man made a disparaging remark against the most evil individuals in his religion, the ones that ordered Jesus dead, and Jews are BRAGGING almost dismissively about forcing him to apologise. What a fucking cuck for doing so.

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These people really think they own us

Yep. Many of them don't even try to hide it -- they have faith that their gaslighting tactics will be good enough to subdue the goyim, should anyone kvetch too much.

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Just an observation but both of their left eye's look damaged.

[–] Kalergi ago 

The fupa on that guy...