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This is a heavily censored topic so id like to recommend a book before it gets banned everywhere:

The Myth of German Villainy by Benton Bradberry

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Huh, you mean to tell me that Germany isn't just evil for no reason?!

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DAE know that every German in WW2 were homicidal maniacs that picked a random group to genocide for no reason?!!?!?!!

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Wooden Doors on gas chambers

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At Tone, if the numba of dead Jews in Auschwitz dropped by 2 and a half million, then how did the total stay at 6 million?

Somethin doesn't add up.

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Thank you. Will have to read that sometime.

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I must agree; once this part of the matrix of deception falls away, the truth is suddenly within reach. The holocaust myth really is central to the ropes of Jewish guilt that tie us all down.

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It literally inverses morality. Some evil shit.

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Most important thing we can do is educate and redpill the masses. Once they know the truth, it is over for the kike

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they try to push it as standardized curriculum and that's gonna bite them in the ass

school: "learn this!"

kid: "no" (skateboards off into distance, does the opposite)

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That's why they're passing laws now

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Laws. "The empire can't be diminished or split in any way or form under any circumstance" was the first article of the constitution of the Ottoman Empire. Ten years later it had lost 30% of its territory and it ceased existing 30 years after that.

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Laws mean shit without bodies and bullets to back them. Everyone's priority should be redpilling cops and servicemen on tribal trickery. You think they want to see their friends blown to bits in endless wars for Israel?

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In a perfect world, holocaust denial would be taught in schools as freedom of speech

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There is never a need to censor or memory hole a lie. Eventually, that lie gets broken by the truth. Censorship means they're hiding the truth.

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The truth fears no investigation.

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Especially if that child is Jewish

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There are two types of 'Nazis'. Firstly, the Germans who were born 1925 or before. They are dead by now. Secondly, everyone today who doesnt conform to the NWO.

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Yesturday. I was talking to my mother about the Halacaust < misspelled. We got into a discussion about it, She seemed not so sure. I asked her, May I present the fact to Challange the 6m lie theory. She was like OK! and I did.

KEEP IT UP the Anti Jew Propaganda is working PERFECTLY!!!! THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE

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My mother was a "how dare you question it!" kind of person 10 years ago. I got her about 90% turned around now. She still thinks it happened, but it's to the point where "well several thousand were probably just shot". To be fair it's true, but it's because they were communists, not that they were kikes.

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I legit presented the facts and She Legit Listened, a few Years ago this was impossible.

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500,000 Jews served in the Soviet Red Army during World War II. 300 or so Jews fought with the Axis powers (Finland) because USSR had attacked them in 1939. They fought along side of German soldiers. Three Finnish Jews were awarded the Iron Cross, a German military award for bravery.

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