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Have some examples?

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Here's a jewfag from today trying to get people to say certain dates for attacking jews, which would technically count as a legal threat


Pay attention to the accounts that are calling for violence. They're trying to get Voat shut down by setting people up.


Then you've got faggots who are supporting (((Tommy Robinson))), an openly vocal zionist acting as if he's a white "our guy"




etc etc

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The account I'm using right now is newer, did I get on your list?

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Holy shit, those are some bright ass glowniggers.

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Fuck you faggot read the title it's called Tommy Rabbison, doesn't stop the fact europeans are getting attack in their own countries. Stop linking my shit whilst bitching if you can't read.

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Meh. I support Tommy. I'm no fucking Kike I'll tell you that much.

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Yeah, don't just claim it and not name names. Post it on v/dud if they haven't posted anything in 27 days up until now. Look for patterns. Cross post to v/protectVoat (they seem to care more about other things, but it's worth a shot).

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And look at all the 30 day old accounts in here.

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Is it against Voat rules to create a new account?

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When you have batches of brand new accounts all pushing agendas, it's pretty obvious what's going on.

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I've been doing my best to houseclean these JIDF scumbags whenever I encounter them. I would encourage any Voats to start threads on this topic. Remember a lot of them tell us what we 'want to hear' when they first join so they can farm voats. Downvoat them as soon as they join. Wish we had a private 'friends' list so we can form anti-JIDF squads and clean this place up.

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A ff is possibly in the works and they need to be able to shut this place down as soon as possible. Notice the 8ch vice attack also.

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jews at it again

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I've definitely noticed a change in the last two weeks or so, especially the last week.

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27's and kikes go together like peas and carrots

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I can still hear the cries of the carrots.

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I'm new but i ain't no jew, can't say im too big a fan of those hebrews

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Shalom, fellow goat!

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TruthDefender started a sub to track alt accounts

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Sounds like it can evolve into a SRS witch hunt... these type of subs always degrade into unhealthy brigading.

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Already is, and it's ironic because they can't own their own hypocrisy.

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Doing god's work

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