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Congrats, you hetero shitlord cis-scum breeder!

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you bigoted cis scum!!!

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Home school & NO social media!

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We've been blessed to be in a situation where homeschooling is an option. No baby sitting will be required. One of us will always be around.

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That absolutely has to be the very best way to raise a child. It's inspiring to know that there are still people who care about these things so passionately. It's a sacrifice, and it's worth it, or at least it should be!

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My wife and I did the same thing we home school and my wife stays home full time while I paint houses and businesses as my own company. I believe in old school ways...married once to the opposite gender but the same race. Planned for our son in advance financially and he will grow up with a mom AND DAD for the rest of his life. I will not appologize that my wife and son and myself are blonde hair blue eyed norse descendants.

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I was home schooled for my entire K-12 education. It was a great experience and it might be the only reason I'm not a brainwashed pos.

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Absolute Sugoi

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Or vaccines

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Not sure how I'll address that. I'll have to judge the times when I get there. At this point I'm not involved with social media. I certainly don't see why a kid needs to be involved. I plan on leading by example. Hoping to set a strong enough example that the child will naturally want to follow.

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Well... at some point, it is probably a good idea to expose a kid to the antics of the enemy just so he or she knows their wily and duplicitous ways; but not until he or she is ready.

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Congratulations, here's to hoping for a healthy birth!

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Better be White and if so... CONGRATULATIONS! :)

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White and proud. We're doing our part.

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good job

make sure she's on those prenatal vitamins and eating a balanced diet

make those big brain babies


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You're not doing your part until you have over replacement. Whites with less than 3 kids are a huge part of the problem

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God Bless and don't stop at one or two brother. Again Congratulations :)

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Should get both you and your waifu's DNA tested. You might be both jews and related. In which case you might end up with a baby with genetic defects. But then again it's too late anyway, but at least you will be prepared.


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Best birth for the child:

No pitocin - It exhausts the uterus, tears away the placenta, tortures the mother and strangles the infant (fetal distress). An exhausted uterus is the primary justification for using foreceps and vacuums in deliveries.

No cervical checks - They do not indicate progress reliably, they feel like a sexual violation, and they are vectors for infection.

No manual breaking of the waters - It causes umbilical prolapse, fetal distress and poor positioning.

No efforts to "speed things up." - The vast majority of these efforts exist only to serve hospital waiting lists and schedules.

No epidural. - It stalls labor, prevents most healthy birthing positions, and raises body temperature, thereby becoming an excuse for cesarean (the fever "might be from an infection").

No lithotomy position - Necessitated often by epidural, it tears the mother while forcing her to birth against gravity when she could be using gravity to help her.

No antibiotics during labor for Group-B Strep - Side effects on the infant gut biome (future IBS, allergies, mood disorders) and breastfeeding (thrush) are much greater risks than GBS infection.

No episiotomy - Tearing is caused by poor birthing position, and is typically not as difficult to heal as an episiotomy. Stretch using the Epi-No to prepare for the size of the baby's head.

No cord cutting for many minutes - The umbilical cord is there to supply the infant with oxygenated blood while it transitions to breathing air. If the child is having difficulty expelling amniotic fluid from its lungs, cutting the cord increases likelihood of brain damage through oxygen deprivation.

No banning the father from being involved - Father should be the primary caregiver. The oxytocin produced by the father's support and the cervix-softening prostaglandins produced by his semen medically aid labor. The father is biologically necessary to healthy childbirth.

No "waiting to push until the doctor gets into the room" - Stopping a woman's body from giving birth strains and suffocates infants causing brain damage.

No cesarean - Uterine scarring causes miscarriage, and risks life-threatening placental dysfunction in future pregnancies, forever.

No measures that can put a baby in fetal distress (including pitocin) - all fetal distress involves oxygen deprivation, and all oxygen deprivation risks neurological damage.

Accept none of the above unless an absolute need for the intervention is proven. The "cascade of interventions" is an extremely real threat affecting Western birth rates. We have to stop torturing white women for wanting to be mothers.

Use the internet, learn to do this on your own, and have large familes using midwives and/or family assistance. Medicalized childbirth is an absolute scourge.

No crediting doctors with "delivering" babies, either. The infant isn't theirs to deliver. The only person who can deliver a baby is its mother, and secondarily the father. The mother delivers the baby from inside herself to the world. Medical staff are just waterboys, and should have the humility of waterboys.

No circumcision. I shouldn't even have to say this.

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Funny you post this. I've been spending the last hour doing research. Thinking widwife is the way to go. Neither of us are fans of traditional medicine. Childbirth is natural and shouldn't required crazy medical intervention unless it does.

If we have a son his foreskin won't be going on Sandra Bullocks face...

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Laws on midwifes apparently vary, but we had ours at home because my wife wasn't sick. Midwife total came to $3k in 1997. - California

He's coming home for a visit in a few days from an elite military academy.

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Widwives sound.... widdy.

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I didn't dilate until the cervical check happened. It's like my cervix didn't want to dilate or something.

So, a cervical check isn't really that bad.

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No circumcision. I shouldn't even have to say this.

Would you be able to sympathize for a protagonist who refused to use the bad guy's ideas to succeed? Because our problems come from the things that Jews want to do to us, but are unwilling to do to themselves.

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Do you have book recommendations?

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congrats dude

visit v/birth

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thats not how you make babies

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And visit v/picturesofshit

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It sounds like you're thinking about a lot of similar things to what we're planning for our birth. Something that has been helpful for us is The Bradley Method of husband-coached childbirth, which is a 12 week class you'd take when your wife is further along. It covers nutrition, natural pain management strategies, ways for the husband to be most effective and helpful to the laboring wife, lots of information on various things you may or may not want during labor, and exercises to prepare for labor. The exercises are super easy and have made a massive difference in my quality of life, I was having a lot of difficulty and pain walking at 6 months before we started the class, and I'm doing so much better now at 8 months it's ridiculous.

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Nice! Children are a blessing.

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