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Are you a fat fuck? Lose weight = win at life

Are you not a fat fuck? Build muscle = win at life

Are you a stupid fuck? Read books = win at life

Are you a poor fuck? Work a lot = win at life

Are you an affluenza bitch? Leave the nest for 6 months, then come back appreciating what you have = win at life

Are you an office drone? Work construction for 6 months, then figure out what you want to do = win at life

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I salute you.

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He’s about to rock.

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Wait, I’m not fat, weak, stupid, poor, rich or an office drone. I’m also happy, so what do I - oh wait...

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Incredibly succinct and excellent advice.

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Affluent plus malcontent equals affluenza.

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It's from that piece of crap who drove drunk, killed others in a car wreck, and essentially got away scot-free because he couldn't understand the consequences, due to being raised in a sheltered (a.k.a. fucking rich) life.

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It works well as is surprisingly

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Hey bro,

Life is struggle. Life is a struggle for everyone, and we all struggle in similar and in different ways. Prosperity is a viewpoint and a perspective. Most people seek motivation when what they need is discipline. This took me so many fucking years to discover, but it has made all the difference.

I would seek motivation in order to produce and succeed and even just to try sometimes, but motivation is fleeting. Motivation is for suckers. Discipline is a journey that will pay itself out.

Let me make more sense of this all.

There are simple rules that will benefit 99.99% of all people.

  1. Get a proper amount of sleep and get it at the same time each day by going to bed at the same time and waking up with an alarm clock at the same time, seven days a week.
  2. Exercise. A bit of cardio is good for your heart, brain, lungs, and skin, but as a man you will better benefit from strength training. The rules of weightlifting/exercise are as follows: 2.1 Show up regularly 2.2 Be safe 2.3 Enjoy what you do in the gym 2.4 Set goals 2.5 1-2 times per week add in some intense biking or running (or my personal favourite--sprinting up stairs and walking back down them)
  3. Eat just a bit more healthy. It doesn't have to go from McDonald's every day to some intense high-protein vegan diet. In fact, I eat McDonald's a couple times a week and I eat tons of meat and dairy. But I have made adjustments like removing lots of snack foods from my house and consuming pretty much zero sugar. The data suggest low-sugar is beneficial. Cut that shit out.
  4. If you are using weed or alcohol, then learn to control your usage. If you can cut it out entirely, then cut it out. If you want a little fun once in a while, then moderate and use infrequently. E.g. Friday nights, and DON'T make it a social activity, or you will develop shit habits with shit friends.
  5. Ditch porn. Go ahead and beat your fucking meat raw with your eyes closed, but don't fucking use images. Your brain is plastic and it is constantly rewiring.
  6. Control your internet/phone/social media usage. I deleted my Facebook and never used any other form of social media. I cancelled my cellphone plan in 2014. I limit my computer use to my breaks which I schedule diligently. Most people won't ("can't") get rid of their phones, but you can severely reduce your usage)
  7. Keep your room clean. This isn't just JBP bullshit. If you keep your room clean and organized, it will spread out into other parts of your life and world.
  8. Don't waste your money. Read a book like "The Automatic Millionaire," and live by those principles. Stop useless spending and "pay yourself first"
  9. Learn mindfulness meditation. I recommend Sam Harris' books "Waking up"
  10. Remember that life is a constant struggle. You don't get to have too much control over what comes at you in life, but you 100% can control how you respond (with practice of course). Life is like standing in the ocean at waist height water, and waves are coming at you constantly, trying to knock you over. Sometimes the waves are tall enough to submerge you and you will feel like you are drowning. This is where people "rage quit" at life or kill themselves slowly with drugs, alcohol, and other poor lifestyle decisions. You KNOW that time does heal everything.... it always has, and it always will.... remember that the wave will pass, and that you will breathe easy again.

Oh yeah, beware of niggers, muslims, feminists, and communists.

Lots of people would say "Good luck" here but luck is for losers and faggots. I sincerely hope you find the discipline to make tough good decisions to make your life better.

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Sam Harris is indirectly the reason I discovered Voat. That fucking guy is the devil in disguise.

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Sam Harris IS a devil in disguise. His mother is nearly a billionaire and created The Golden Girls

He pretends to be poor shilling for money while being a multi-multi millionaire from the most succesful family in Hollywood

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Your early twenties completely suck. Things get better. Expect this to be a trial on the scale of any you have faced.


Life begins at thirty. Dating becomes easier at thirty. Career becomes easier at thirty. Right now, you're pretty much just doing time. This is a training level.

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dating becomes easier? Yeah if you can find a girl who hasn’t already blown half the city.

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The easier dating becomes, the more you meet, the more likely you are to meet one who is worth spending more than 3 minutes with.

I've noticed the same thing myself, and have had other guys mention it too. Something changes. I get far more interest from attractive 21-23 year-olds now than I ever did when I was 23 myself!

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You can date younger, no one says you have to date your age

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Dude, by 17 she's already blown half the city.

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early 20s were my worst years

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Yup. I'm hitting my later 20s, the first half suck. But I feel like I've started to hit my stride in my career. I have been working since 18 though.

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My early twenties -which were not that long ago- were awesome....

....but back then, you could still grab a girls ass. Now you can’t.

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Clown World is an idea that the world around you is a joke and nothing matters. Stop taking idiots seriously and enjoy the show.

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Shit is about to get so super cool. It might take a decade to get really crazy, but it's going to be awesome!

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Nigger fuck you what are you talking about. Trump is a jew, our military are fags, France is lost, Europe is fucked, Brazil is Jewcontrolled, can wire or get $$$ without tax or control, when TRUMP fucks off the FEMA CAMPS are coming. Yall are either out of your fucking mind or paid to reassure this poor fuckboi and pretend the world is ok.

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Oh? When is this reckoning, exactly?

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Eh man. I’m 26, 2 duis (wasn’t driving and was under the limit for another one but 2 months away from 21st birthday and since the first one when I was sleeping in a car they consider it “habitual”) , adopted, my adopted brother hates me right now because I’m not a pussy like he turned out to be. I don’t have a degree, I technically dropped out of college because I couldn’t deal with their bullshit teachings, I haven’t had a real relationship in almost 6 years. BUT

I was academic all state 2 years in a row, captain of my sports team in high school, successfully completed NoFap multiple times, 5+ years in boy scouts, am a very skilled and ethical worker, and I definitely contribute positively to this planet.

If I can get out of this rut, you can too. I got your back kid, you’re not the only sane one who sees the insanity.

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Successfully completed NoFap multiple times


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You're 21. As mature as you may think you are, you still have some mental leaps to go through. The next 3 years will define the kind of man you will be. Send me a PM if you want to talk specifics.

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Yeah, take it from a “woulda, coulda, shoulda” listen to this dude.

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Oh man we're the younglings that get to partake in the next crusade when it eventually comes

how can that make you sad?

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Lol, yeah.

Be happy now, be sad when you lose your leg.

Be happy when the Antarctic SS Division "Ice Wolves" saves your ass and gives you a new leg prosthetic far more advanced than anything Jewish societies could produce.

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