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Guess she used that white privilege or something...

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It's all shitty optics. Drawing the lines in the sand as far from the Jews as possible.

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She seems like an intelligent lady. She should be President (or at least high-ranking cabinet member) to lead an African country.

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It's the white genetics doing the talking with people like her, and also why some people that "look" black are actually mostly white.

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Can't blame anyone for that.

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Warlord. The only mildly successful african leaders are warlords, like gadaffi before he was murdered by israel

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Lmfao shut the fuck up. All niggers are cancer

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to lead an African country.

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Who cares about what women think?

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The only reason I care about this particular black lady is because she's a well spoken individual that's able to deliver soft redpills to the more fragile members of society. She's also a stepping stone towards the right, allowing an easier, more seamless transition to logical right wing viewpoints.

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...and because Saint Terrant mentioned her for fun.

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Gtfo, glowinthedark. You gotta show your invitation before you come in here, feget

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I have some bad news for you, She's 1000 times smarter than you.

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Don't trigger the Deep State Divide and Conquer shrills. They'll never shut up if you do.

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She's not. I'm literally a genius.

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Especially sheboons

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Now that she got her fb back she should voluntarily leave fb as an example.

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You and I are NOT the folks she can red pill. It's the children sucking on the Facebook tit who need her wisdom. She is what FB needs, not the other way around.

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Just like the USSR. And just like the USSR, the idiots that thought their viewpoint was going to be forever supported by the bureaucrats, they were sos surprised when they were rounded up by the tyrants and shot or sent to prison for suddenly having the wrong opinion.

You can't get any stupider or more blindly self centered than today's leftist supporter.

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I believe OP meant to say 'Facebook' has been restored.

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OP is a confused faggot. :)

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Candace Owens is an opportunist.

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Candace Owens is an opportunist.

She has helped awaken useful idiots by the thousands.

Her nail clippings have helped more idiots realize that entitlement is voluntary enslavement than both you and your honored parents could only dream of.

Petty jealousy is one thing, but childish envy is just pathetic. It does validate ones narrow mind and ignorance though, so you have earned that.

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This level of projection for such a simple statement.

They haven't realized everything if they are still following her and her stupid "movement" and paying out the ass to get her surface level opinions. Congratulations, your insecurity about your hive following mentality obligated you to reply to my post.

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I really like this woman. She is rare.

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She looks closer to well done to me

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