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"Speaking out against pedophilia is an anti-LGBT dogwhistle!"

Lads, we have our new OK hand-sign.

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"Dogwhistle" is definitely a hip lefty word these days to take out the oogie white people.

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how many lefty buzzwords can voat think of? i'm curious.

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It's too late for that, they've already hit that point on their own.

"if you're against a 10 year old boy dressed like a stripper dancing at a gay bar for 30 year old men then you're a bigot"

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Calling gays pedophiles has been a thing since the 1950s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ON2EvChUMg

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Pedophilia is how faggots and pedos reproduce.

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The political comic anthology books are gonna seem so fucking weird to people in 100 years.

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The "consenting adults behind closed doors" gays got what they wanted and bailed years ago. Now what's left is an unholy amalgamation of career activists/malcontents, shit eating degenerates, and people who think that mental illnesses are like pokemon to be collected. All of which still claim the semblence of credibility the normal campaigners used to have. Pretty fertile ground for paedos to sow their influence.

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When we win, open homosexuals will be put to death.

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Just someone who doesn't keep it a secret? If they're not having sex in the streets, then they're fine. You don't have to like it, but nobody needs to die.

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You seem angry, did someone touch you? Can you show me where they touched you on this doll?

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Its been this way since like the 80's bro.

Having survived the experience. You submit or they off you or worse. I escaped cause i had enough family that the church couldn't just off me. They wanted to but they couldn't

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We're gonna need more details dude, your experience can save someone else if we know WTF happened to you and how it played out.

Anonymize relevant info, obviously, but give us what you have on the pedo-fags.

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What Church?

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That was the end game all along

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It wasn’t I know gay people in their late 50’s 60’s who are very very ashamed of what has become of whatever the “lgbtqrstuv” is. They are masculine men who lift weights and drink beer. They don’t wear dresses and fuck little kids.

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Yeah, non-extremist gays just live in the suburbs and want to be left alone and aren't attention whores. The loud, flamboyant extremists get to be the face of gay people because they draw the most attention on purpose.

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Being thrown off a roof is their next direction

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That’s always where they were headed.

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Remember when this was a conspiracy theory? Good times. Relatively speaking.

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