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As far as fast food goes it is the best. Service is fantastic. Just remember you’ll always want it on Sunday and they’re closed.

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good food, trad employees.

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trad employees.

If you mean in the sense of providing traditional service then yes. Don't think they don't hire gays and folks with tats though. As long as you are clean, work hard, and provide that "my pleasure" service they will hire you and promote you.

[–] Jeww 5 points -1 points (+4|-5) ago 

It tastes the best for sure, but it’s still made from all the same chemicals as the other joints, I’m sorry to say.

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good service doesn't make up for the fact that you're eating 'fast food'. Go eat non-processed food

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I do and more than often. At least when I get a chicken sandwich from there I can tell it’s chicken.

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I've started eating there recently and I have never seen so many wholesome people at a fast food place before. Plus they're the only one that still builds play areas for the kids. All the fattening places made their customers too depressed to have kids so now they have to sell happy meals to 20-something year olds.

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Hmm. in My Chik-Fil-A I am shocked to see far less scowling purple haired box shaped feminists with nose piercings than my normal starbucks.

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"Far less 'scowling purble haired box shaped feminists'" That sounds so good. I think I will go to ChikFila just for the social ambiance.

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Ate at one for the first time today, and it was PACKED full of wholesome looking people. Drive through stretched around the building, and every parking spot was full.

The fast food place next door had two cars in the lot.

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Their service is miles better than any other fast food place.

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"P.S. No niggers too. 😉"

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Au contrere, American black people go there. Niggers go to McDonalds.

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Its for the chicken and watermelon.

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While I can get behind their values/message. Their food is not as good as everybody makes it out to be. Tastes like any other fast food chicken. And the way they serve their sandwich in that foil wrapper just makes the sandwich soggy.

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Tastes like any other fast food chicken.

You must have no taste buds. No fast food tastes anywhere like theirs. Everyone else is a ton dryer and all the taste comes from salt and condiments.

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I went once, was unimpressed. Service was slow. Small sample size of one visit, but meh.

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Luckily my gay hippie parents restricted me from fast food and soda growing up so I crave stuff like this like twice a year.

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Dude, Chick Fil A and Carl's Jr are the tastiest, and theyre not top-ramen quality junk.

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If you've never been there you should definitely stop after they open. Not so much for the food, but the shock of having customer service at a fast food place that is actually pretty good.

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