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Of course you have. Our culture is rich and when we get to see it again it warms the heart.

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There is nothing like a western film to show white people acting like total gentlemen in the absolute Wild

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oy vey goy, you should be showing The Goldberg's TV show. You white devils might learn a thing or two from us jews. haha Shaloms™

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The trademark shalom's got me.

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This is how the Jews took over Hollywood. They started out as accountants, and found ways to help the studios cheat on taxes and contracts. Old Hollywood was white, but Shlomo came in and said "we can help you steal money if only you give my cousin a job writing/directing". The rest is history.

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Yeah, well done. Put decency back into the conscious and subconscious.

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TCM is amazing. I remember when I had some friends over to my house in high school and they were amazed that there was a TV channel that didn't have a single commercial.

And why the hell would Netflix be on in a waiting room? That sounds pretty strange to me, considering what programs are on it.

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It was mostly for the office which is pretty palatable for most people. It's what America puts on tv to not feel alone. In our case it was so customers didn't have to talk to each other. They weren't allowed to control what was on. Literally just the office over and over again.

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Literally just the office over and over again.

Is that even a good show or is it just so people can signal to each other how up-to-date they are?

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See if you can get Blazing Saddles to play on a loop. I know, I know, Mel Brooks is a jew, but you know why I'm suggesting it.

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Up your's nigger!

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"Mornin' nigger." All you had to say is you don't know why I'm suggesting it.

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Nazi Germany made a few hundred movies. Maybe some of those survived the war.

[–] critias ago 

That would be sweet

[–] TheKalergiFan ago 

You want socialist propaganda spread out?

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