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Jazz is only a child. We're laughing but this is child abuse. The people supporting the surgery are monsters.

I can't even laugh. Maybe if it were a 40 year old guy but this is just a kid who barely turned 18. This is sad.

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I could not imagine being so confused in the head that the logical conclusion becomes lets chop off my dick... I also cannot imagine doctors that are okay with doing this procedure. What happened to do no harm? the Hippocratic oath?

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No kidding. Most doctor's won't let a woman tie her tubes until a certain age or after a certain number of pregnancies. But here we have total obliteration of any chance of a moderately normal life.

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As it turns out, the job slicing up and rearranging parts of living human bodies can benefit from a certain level of sociopathy. Who couldda guessed, huh? Benign sociopathy/psychopathy is more common among surgeons than other professions. I honestly think Ben Carson is one of those types.

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I'm still laughing yet then again i have no sense of empathy for degenerates or their victims. Kill them all. End the infestation.

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40% do the job for us.

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Remember that he's adopted and that his parents are jews

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The black slaves were turned into eunuchs by the (((muslims))).

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OH!!! Oh. Fuck! of course.

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Confirmed, Jewish family. I think his dad is his real dad. They look the same.

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Jazz and his family are jews, i couldnt care less in this case

[–] PMmeforStalagEdition 2 points 29 points (+31|-2) ago 

I have no idea who this Jazz is luckily.

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Jazz Jennings. Disney's (or nickelodeon's) attempt at brainwashing our young children to become trannies. It's messed up.

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This. I partly suspect the "failed surgery" is part of a narrative to introduce the idea of full vaginal/reproductive transplants into public normalcy. Every other Tranny-Positive narrative is full of only the supposed up-sides, hiding the gruesome reality where-ever possible.

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An abused child being paraded around like it's normal.

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An entity so weak that it is unable to accept it's true nature.

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It's a Jewish family who passes themselves off as white. Raised a faggot kid to be a Tranny. Then chopped off it's dick on TV.

[–] BigFatDaddy 1 points 17 points (+18|-1) ago 

The Tolkien nerd in me approves.

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Jaron Bloshinsky

Jews are willing to sell out their own sons to push their immoral agenda on the US.

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Very relevant information. http://incogman.net/2018/06/tranny-tv-star-jazz-jennings-getting-fake-twat/ Scroll down the story to see one of his poor-quality kin. Jeez.

What I'd like to know is how many of the "doctors" who worked on and consulted on this hideous trainwreck were jews.

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Thanks!! Very interesting read brother!

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“Skinwalker”! kek

First thing I thought of was Momo

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Thanks for sharing. Doctors that do this should have their licenses revoked. So much for doing no harm!

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What do you think the "burnt offerings" really were in the Old Testament?

[–] GarySnyder 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

These shekel grabbers have no sense of anything except greed. It’s common knowledge they are a parasite on the back of humanity.

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I haven't been following Jazz's story. Any new developments?

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His fake vagina popped, he'll need many more revisions. People close to the family who also have mentally ill kids are reconsidering surgery, they don't want their kids to end up mangled like Jazz. Might be redpilling viewers in the right direction.

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Holy crap, it actually popped? I heard about that thing getting infected months ago. This still going now? This poor stupid kid isn't going to have a bottom half of a body after this shit is through. What an absolute disgrace and travesty.

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He will be lucky to survive. His parents should be shot dead. Horrible child abuse.

[–] ooberlu 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

Also...no amount of makeup he expertly applies to his face will ever live down that line: "a meaty froth of blood and pus pourin gout of the hole where his penis used to be."

It's a horror story. He's turned himself into a monster.

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I've a pretty strong stomach, but the phenomena of his "vagina popping" is one that's new to me. I'm totally horrified at the mental image it conjures up. Add to it this visual and the look on his face - sheer surprise to the point of idiocy pretty much drives it further home. He's become a thing. He'll forever be remembered as a retard and be shunned for wanting this. It's simultaneously horrible and cruel, but he's become that Grimm's fairy tale that parents tell their kids to warn them that monsters are real.

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Interesting take. But I think it's more plain old mental illness.

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Yes, but hence the value of metaphor. That's part of the reason why the Tea Party is winning, is because artists are switching to our side. We offer them more creative freedom and outlet than neoliberalism, so the switch is hardly illogical.

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Holy shit, this dude got his wedding tackle lopped off, and the sutures broke? That's fucking hilarious. Serves him right.

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He’s like 14 I think. It’s more sad than anything.

[–] Glipglup 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

18, still just a kid barely out of high school. This is abuse, his family is abusing him and this is sad.

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Everyone involved in enabling this, including the producers in the media that glorified it, need to be sequestered from society.

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