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MC: The clue is, what likes to sink their fangs into you?


Contestant: I'd like to solve the puzzle. But I don't know if I should.

MC: 5 seconds.

Contestant: Jews!

MC: Sorry, the correct answer is "Jaws."

Israel intensifies

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Damn those annoying naggers.

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Friendly reminder that the dollar is now worth -22,2 trillion in jewish debt.

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get out of here you non-English gollywog.

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All these technical procedures to hide my identity, and then I get ousted for using a comma. Fuck.

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What was hitler right about and has pets that make up 12.7% of america.

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Truths duly critical of Jews are prohibited. How naughty of Esquire.

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of course, they are the only people who know how to make money, which is why everyone else is poor.

If you have any money, you must have connections, at least


But this is insulting, because it implies that white people

  • are too dumb to be rich and successful on their own.
  • are easily out competed by people that they describe as social vermin
  • need the help and instruction of these social vermin in order to succeed
  • are actually inferior, despite assertions to the contrary.

all of which is obviously untrue. Right?

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Good start. I bet it pivoted away somewhere completely into the weeds though.

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Follow the dollar.

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Oy veyyy

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