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It’s true, and damaging. LEDs are dazzling before being bright enough to see clearly. It has to do with how narrow a spectrum they emit, and because your eye sees everything In visible light as a total sum, when you have a very narrow frequency you need crazy high amplitudes of those frequencies to same volume of light. Those high amplitudes are well above damage levels. A three dollar led flashlight is a great example. It will dazzle you at night at 30feet if pointed at you causing night vision problems, but when used on something 5 feet in front of you it lacks the power to clearly define something, especially color rendition.

New car headlights should not be led because of this effect.

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Thank you for the wonderful explanation. I've been searching on and off for this answer for ages.

LEDs look bright when you look at them but they don't illuminate space very well.

Tungsten lights were the best. First ((they)) made them have purposely short lifespan so they could sell more, then ((they)) said they were bad for the environment because they used too much electricity so banned tungsten bulbs and now you have to to use LED and Fluorescent (the irony... The latter is full of mercury).

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Doctors issue warning about LED streetlights


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GTFO with CNN you joker.

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I love them. I hate yellow light. I want every light white. Incandescent yellow is just ugly.

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I replaced every bulb in my house with a daylight LED bulb. I dont mind yellow light but if given the choice, I go for the bright white.

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In my town the lights are spaced out to far, and LEDs are brighter but the light is more concentrated. So now we have areas with very bright light and total blackness in between.

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Between headlights and streetlights I find it harder to see at night now. I’m not very old and I still have good vision. Old neighborhoods with amber lighting I can see best in.

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My favorite were the ones 20 years ago that were amber. They weren't good for reading but they gave the areas a nice mood lighting. I would be totally relaxed walking at night under those lights.

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Those were high pressure sodium lights, the same ones dope growers used to use indoors before LED took over there too. They were the best though the metal halide ones were slightly better if you were on foot as the bluer light made it easier to see people nearby.

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I prefer the sodium based HID lighting. Actually makes it easier to see a wet road.

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The ones we have here have a 3x4 grid of lights. The shadows they cast are super disorienting, it’s not a single shadow but many overlapping ones all slightly offset.

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