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Nepotism and usury

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It doesn't take much, multi family dynasties of the ultra rich and powerful can easily keep initiatives going for hundreds of year as these initiatives are passed down as family traditions and sources of pride. Combined with as you said ursury and nepotism you can easily have multi generational conspiracies being carried out. The idea that the Roths and Jews involved in the Diamond industry for example don't have multi generational plans in effect that subsequent generations are privy too for the industries they respectively own is patently absurd. The fact that industries and organizations have remained controlled by singular groups of individuals across generations should be all the proof you need that multi generational conspiracies are a real part of every ones reality.

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Good explanation.

Point of order though, the kikes control quite a bit, but they don't control everything. They have no ability to fight their own wars, have limited creativity (hence they steal so many ideas), and it's only brief periods in history they have the influence they have today. Normally after a period of success they are expelled and driven to the outskirts of society.

The relationship between the European and the Kike is similar to that of a man riding a fierce lion. As long as the lion obeys its rider the rider is unstoppable. But at any given moment the lion could rip the rider off its back and tear the rider to shreads.

The kikes control a few key areas: Banking, Media, and Information Brokering. If you start attacking those foundations they quickly fall to pieces.

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There's two other causes:

it takes money to make money

preferential attachment

Hard to start up a multi billion dollar business when you have no access to capital. So you sell out to a nice Jew who does.

People also want to associate with people who already have money and success.

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They marry into all rich families as well

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I agree. It's pretty self evident when you stop and look at the evidence before your very eyes. Though they'd call it a trade secret and not a conspiracy.

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It's not even that they control everything, it's that they try to control stuff because they have no qualms about destroying the gentiles for even the smallest of gains. They are destructive avarice incarnate. They can not live among us, because they can't play nice.

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This is it.

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How about we employ some nepotism?

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hashem = corrupt collusion!!!

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Because goyim simply don't care about anything, contrary to belief most of them don't give a flying fuck about their kids, not in any way that matters as far as this thing of ours is concerned.

I grew up in a family of people who didn't say much and when they did it was about nothing of import.

All they cared about was getting to their job and back, barbeque's and ball games. Any important social issues would be met with a blank stare.

A bunch of sheep, people who didn't read unless it was to study for a test.

Meanwhile your average jew family was buying their kids computers, making them go to temple and hebrew school and get the highest position they could possibly secure. Obviously, they taught their children the importance of hiring only one's own people.

All these fuckers care about is grubbing for money and lording it over the goyim. All the goyim care about is what they're going to do this weekend and sucking up to foreigners and niggers.

And here we are.

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Honestly I'm pretty disgusted of my own race and a lot of the time think most of them deserve the self-inflicted genocide. If any one of us here could break free of that bullshit despite being just as "oppressed" then they have no reasonable excuse. They're just idiots and most of them are already long gone. That depth of brainwashing only works on you if you let it work in the first place.

More dumb whites = overall weaker white race. They'll defend their own stupidity to death. Stupid ones dying off shouldn't exclusively be seen as a problem because it pushes the smarter ones closer and closer to revolt without much in-group opposition.

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Hello there rabbi!

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Its because the Jews have undermined white culture for years

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so they've successfully outsmarted your race in the long game?

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They're shapeshifters. That's what shapeshifters do, they infiltrate and destroy from within. White today, Arab tomorrow, a Jew the next day. They can be whatever is most convenient at the time.

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I don't think they control everything, there are other players like the Saudi, the Brit, the Masons, if the Jews controlled all you would not see all the pallywood BS on tv but the Jewish or certain Jews are part of the elite, the guys profiting from war, the media news outlets, all over hollyweird and the porn industry, some of them have been in this pattern of blending in and subverting... and the question is asked what made them get kicked out of so many nations? For hundreds of years they have trouble getting a foothold in Asia, the English, Spanish, Arab, German cultures fine, you can still spot them.... but you have to look a little harder, even change their names. They kinda look European, blend in learn the language, maybe the customs, hive mind of Asians and the Japanese/Chinese writing at least makes it difficult for you to just blend in, there was this one dude in Japan you should check his story out 'Debito' total retard and total stereotype. One conspiracy I read says it all goes back to Egypt, the Stoner cutters of Etemenanki the Jewish Arab Kabbalah esoteric teachings, it says the elites don't follow a mainstream religion but are part of a cult, they worship an old horned thing or a golden bull or something weird, do all these groups connect and what came first the Jew or Mason, are old cults from Europe and Arabia still in action today?

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Despite being only 2% of the population....

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seems like jews are to whites as whites are to blacks

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Make no mistake about the evils of the world and the antichrist jew(s). Synagoge of Satan to say the least to as well and that nigger faggot shit the talkike / kikemud to as well.

Remember Jesus Christ is God's Son.

Jesus Christ is Lord.

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lmao what a superstitious moron there is no "le Satan" you idiot lmao

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This is how they do it. First 20 seconds explains the whole thing - https://www.bitchute.com/video/tl0tvhcBQud4/

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"I don't see a big jewish influence."

PJW is a lying rat kike.

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Protestant Reformer Martin Luther told us PRECISELY HOW to handle these reprobate hook-nosed bastards back in 1543. His 'manual' or Book is called "On the Jews and Their Lies" (1543). [Martin H. Bertram, translator, Luther's Works (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1971)] -- LOOK for this book online and download it. It contains AMAZING truths about these FALSE JEWS and is just as relevant today in 2019 as it was in 1543. Here is a good Primer by Martin Luther from this Book. It is utterly startling how well he un-masked these Zionist bastards which HAVE NOT changed one bit in the intervening Centuries. They are still just as EVIL and vile: http://www.freepdf.info/public/ebook/Luther_Martin_-_The_Jews_and_their_lies.zip

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Note: The above contains a REVISED link to Martin Luther's Book. It is a .ZIP file which when extracted opens the complete and non-redacted Book in .PDF format - end.

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Its precisely because the kikes control everything that people say the antisemite shit. Bombarded from birth with pro kike education in the kike run education system. Bombarded by kike media with anti Christian pro kike shite. Bombarded by the kike government with kike laws that make talking about the so called holocaust illegal in some places. Bombarded with ads from kike run companies about remembering the holocaust when it gets to the time. Oh and because they run the education system any attempt to even look into the veracity of their claims is shut down.

Once you do see it its obvious. Especially the fact that anti holocaust research is basically banned yet universities have produce no actual good evidence whatsoever it happened despite having such an upper hand. Shit in a lawsuit where holocaust deniers offered 50k dollars for proof they lost in court, to someone whose only proof was testimonial claiming they were there. Thats how little proof they have. Once you see it and look into its obvious what it is, its obvious how they use nepotism to keep control of everything, its obvious they always lie and scheme. But people dont notice precisely because of that. They control everything and being anti semite is literally the worst thing on this earth you can be in most peoples eyes because thats what they were force fed

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Legalese is kike bullshit and made for the explicit purpose of circumventing the justice system (whether busting the innocent with some BS obscure laws, or letting the guilty walk free due to some minor technicalities). It has been this way for millennia and even the Romans were disgusted by it.

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