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True words wise sage!

Feminism offers an easy life for women. If a woman bases her whole value on her vagina she can leverage that to get almost anything she wants.

Their vagina can rob a man. Get him locked up. Get her boss fired. Make her popular. Free dinners. Free movies. As a young attractive woman she has enormous power and privilege.

But the feminists are lying to them. The lie sounds great. It's just what they want so they chose to believe the lie. That they can have all the sex they want with no consequences. That they will still be able to snap their fingers and get a husband to accept a thirty plus whore as a wife.

They don't seem to understand that their vaginas are a rapidly depreciating asset. It just like car. Ten years later it just worth a fraction of its initial value. Especially if it's seen lots of use.

That's why no guy buys a used car from a feminist. They don't seem to understand this.

So they are left with their whole value as a human crashing down. Because it was entirely based on their pussy.

I'm honestly shocked at how fucked up feminisim has made the world. Yet where the fuck are the sane women speaking up against this madness?

Oh yeh that's right. If something benefits women then fuck the consequences for everyone else. Crickets.

No wonder men are rapidly loosing all respect for women and are going mgtow.

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Inb4 roastie defense force.


I really fucking miss degenerate-tier drinking in moments like this. It's all so fucking tiresome.

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Women want into the work place, knowing it’s all shitty jobs and hard work for 99% of them and is usually soul crushing over all.

in my opinion, this is where you’re wrong. Women don’t want these things, they’re -told- they want them by the 24/7 propaganda machine. Most women don’t understand what a job entails, but they are convinced by the propaganda and their peers that being in a classical stay-at-home position is “demeaning” and “unempowered.” This propaganda works especially well on women because they rely heavily on the opinions of their peers, and are easily convinced of most anything as long as enough people tell them enough times. What this means is you get a bunch of women with perfectly good futures ahead of them to throw it all away in a soulless, purposeless office job, and the kikes get to half wages and split apart the white family unit even more.

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All the power. None of the responsibility. Like telling your parents that your babysitter beat you so she can get fired. Can't get another babysitting job. Ever. Sage words. Too bad so many men still obey women. Yeah, She gives good head but she still can't make a thanksgiving dinner. Good head it is! Next!

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Women will run the world one day, if we're not careful.

Dawn of civilization, ancient Greece, women had none of the money and half the pussy. Medieval times, none of the money, but now all of the pussy. Modern times, half the money, still all of the pussy.

Idealized feminist future? All of the money and all of the pussy.

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That's a startling projection. If we go much farther we'll simply be conquered by people who do keep women away from real power: that's the Chinese or Muslims. This can't go on much longer.

>The Seven Men Who Control China


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I used to believe in equality and all that, but it's wrong. The overwhelming majority of single women live below the poverty line. There is no limit to the amount of money they can spend and they are all basically crazy.

Women crave a strong man to, control them. Not being a dick, but you need to seduce them into being functional human beings. I have wife, we nearly divorced because I treated her like a rational being. Once I learned to manipulate her into doing what she needed to do, not only was she functional, not only was I happy, but surprise, surprise, her depression cleared up and she is happy.

This current societal approach is bad for everyone.

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Feminism = Socialism

Always been, always will

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But unfucked women is how feminists with danger-colored hairs happen. They ahave gone full circle, as usual.

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Thats exactly why they are the most radical. They still cant have power through sex so they either want more leniency to make them seem fuckable and give them power (see fat acceptance shite) or just the complete erasion or restricting of rights of men so they can hold power without sex

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Are there feminists in moslem countries? Just asking.

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Check the cemeteries