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This is when White people overthrow their governments. When they realize that they were better off, safer, happier and more prosperous in the past than they are now ...or their children will be in the future.

This is when White people overthrow their government. When they realize the Jews, Elites, International Bankers, Globalists ...whatever you want to fucking call them... have destroyed their nations. We're closer now to Revolutionary War II then we've ever been before. Taxation without representation started the first one. Jews in Israel and borderless Elites having representation without taxation in Our American Government will be the cause of the next.


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Can we just own this / shorten this and say "we are experiencing a nightmare"? My version of the nightmare isn't necessarily the exact same version as other people's nightmares, but it is one all the same. We've all got 'em. This is why I'm trying for Heaven, however stupid it looks. Sad, but I'm very desperate.


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Don't be desperate. You are a man. You are The man. We will prevail in the end, the truth always comes to light. Life is struggle, and regardless of whether you may realize it or not, you was still born in the greatest country to ever exist. Everyone is dealt a hand in life in America, some better than others, but everyone is dealt a hand. It just depends on how you play your cards. Be the guy that everyone looks to. You be that. I worked a highspeed, highstress job for a good while, one that when shit was going wrong, and everyone was running away, YOU was paid to run toward the fire. One day when we was riding on the rails close to disaster, it happened. Hell broke loose and I was scared, fuck was I scared. And I had the thought, why did this have to happen to me. Me of all people why?! Then it hit me. Why not me. Really, why not. Who better to be in a position to do this job. And with that, I put my head down and went to work. Be the hero to your own action story. You, being here, are already WAY ahead of the curve of most. You live and exist in a sea of NPC's. You know that, I know that. Have fun. Play games with them. Connect the dots for them to any and all aspects of life. Most people aren't stupid, but they consume stupid ideas and are prone to group think. Remember, garbage in, garbage out. I have found that a lot of people realize shit is fucked, but can't put their thumb on the source of the problem. There is a light at the end of the tunnel bro, and It's not a train. Get learned, read, consume knowledge as though it is an addiction. Learn Finance, Learn Welding, Learn ANY marketable skill. Take up boxing to improve your confidence levels if need be. Play the stockmarket in your spare time. It's a ponzi scheme. Yes. But you know that already, so use that knowledge to your advantage. And even if the worlds systems are crashing, a short drive into the countryside will reveal that it all doesn't really matter. Mother nature wins in the end. Regardless if the S&P 500 falls 2000 points tomorrow, the sun will still rise the next day. As a random internet stranger, I want the absolute best for you. I want you to succeed in everything and anything you do. I had to become my own whitepill. You need to be your own whitepill. The white race as a whole is OUR whitepill. Regardless of the doom and gloom on this site, we still have a dog in this fight. Look into E. Michael Jones work on YT, You will like it. Sieg Heil Brother.

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