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Does a “female penis”have a prostate? These are the questions that need answering!

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They want gyno exams too. These deranged freaks just want to be able to force medical personal to participate in their sick fetishes.

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It's a feminine prostate!

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I’m Jerry Smith. I admit that I once wondered what it would be like to have a vagina. Do I qualify?

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So deranged they're winning a war to control by fiat in most of the world how it may be expressed that they are perceived.

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This is great, most people don't want to look at gaping pus filled 'vaginas'.

PP will lose even more staff.

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You've got to figure that every doctor that treats one of these "women" like a female patient is just going along with the joke.

"Sure, honey... your front hole will be allll better soon. Take a lollipop on the way out."

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Maybe Planned Parenthood also gives them antibiotics for their infected mutilated penis hole?