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I am now 4 times sadder than I had been a moment ago, thanks OP!

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Should have used Ole Yeller...


What's the damn horse one?

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The Neverending Story. Book was entertaining. Did not enjoy the movie as an adaptation but for an 80s fantasy movie it was fairly on point.

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Interesting I only get the 4th one

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remember the scene where the skeleton king and queen murdered their children? probably better they did that so they didn't have to live in a world where germany lost the war

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Oh, Todd.

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Good one!

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what's #3? the muddy dog

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Homeward Bound

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I watched that movie basically every other day as a kid. What's funny was it was one of the few movies that didn't seem new when I re-watched it as an adult 15-20 years later (when you understand all the dirty jokes and such).

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Oh lol, for some reason I thought maybe it was old yeller; it's been a long time since I saw that... but it may or may not have made me cry like a little baby at the time, but I can neither confirm nor deny this. Besides, I was a little kid.

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Holy shit we've become some pussies if they got traumatized over Homeward Bound.