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The irony of 3rd wave feminism overriding the goals of 1st wave feminism. It's never ending.

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Bitchy snake devours itself. Film at 11.

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Bitchy *ignorant snake

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> 4th wave, post DOTR 'Feminism'


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Every feminism is essentially the same. Every single step of feminism is bad. Equality is bullshit, and women's suffrage is one of the worst things happened in history. Women should not be allowed to participate in politics. The (((1st wave feminism))) claimed equality and women's suffrage, both of them are retarded bullshit which should not be allowed.

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the real question is how do we stop that shit.

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She probably later bitched about him mansplaining reality to her.

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The best part is how she shows she has no damn clue about what the fuck she's talking about.

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Her real complaint was that he took the glow off her from finding a previously uncatalogued gender slur.

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I thought miss and ms is the same. Nice to know.

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Ms. is a fake acronyme. It is not actually short for anything. The grammar nazi in me grinds her teeth just looking at Ms.

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Ms. Is pronounced mizzz

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Wing ardour legislation

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Im not good with speaking english, but i would think that heavily depends on region/accent/dialect.

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She wanted it to be true so bad. So bad that shed rather be oppressed than be correct. I love the irony

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Yeah. One of the signs of a weakling, or a degenerate is how quickly they will seek to rush to adopt victim status, rather than interact with their neighbors on roughly even terms.

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"Ms" is a feminists' creation, no?

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Old fashioned unmarried women of advanced age go by Miss. "Ms" is a feminist title.

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Any unmarried woman regardless of age, if they're not a feminazi fuck, doesn't give a single iota of a fuck if they're called Miss.

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My old English teacher would get upset if I called her "Miss" instead of "Miss Last Name".

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A new one is in order... Msc - cat lady

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