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40% of them can't even talk themselves into it.

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They'll say anything to get attention.

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Call me Fox Mulder, because I want to believe.

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Female to male adolescents reported the highest rate of attempted suicide (50.8%), followed by adolescents who identified as not exclusively male or female (41.8%), male to female adolescents (29.9%), questioning adolescents (27.9%).


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Is that right? Pity. We can get those numbers higher.

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The other one is,

Assume that gender IS a "social construct", which is a valid argument to a point, if you are viewing it as "social roles of the sexes".

If that is the case, and being of the female sex, while do you have to claim to be trans or a male or whatever in order to dress or groom or pattern yourself like the social male genders do?

If it is just a social construct, a female sex person can wear men's jeans, cut their hair short, not shave legs, etc. without having to claim "I'm really of the male sex!" and mutilate their bodies and take hormones.

What they are ACTUALLY saying is, "I want to act the male or female gender ROLE, but I ALSO want to be considered as something other than a freak (like a man wearing dresses and makeup) and I don't have the backbone or self-confidence to just go for it and do it. The social pressure is too much for my weak will, so I need to do these physical things to my body in order to lessen that pressure."

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Even saying "gender" is falling into the Newspeak Dictionary trap. And don't forget, kids; the purpose of the Newspeak Dictionary is to limit thought.

There are two sexes and a minuscule percentage of birth-defects. All the rest is data-fields on Government forms and mental illness.

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Bingo. Sex is either male or female, and gender is the traits we associate with them. Feminine/masculine/etc.

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This is a rhetorical killshot. Everyone who posts anything about gender-whatever or trans-whatever needs to have their nose rubbed in a big steaming pile of this.

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I took a class "sociology of sex and gender" and your rhetorical killshot was rolled over on day one. Gender != Sex. It's a rabbit hole. You're not going to win by crawling inside. You just have to accept that they're wrong and can never be convinced otherwise.

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So then we can outlaw sex change surgery, because gender != sex.

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"Gender" is a smokescreen and should be abandoned as a word to describe humans. Biological sex is all there is. Don't let them obfuscate the truth with sophistry.

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Gender is a linguistic construct; jews, as is their nature, weaponize language against goyim all the time. It's what they do. Why do you think they're so litigious? It's how they think— subversion of language is in their DNA.

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You're trying to use facts and logic against the left, good luck with that.

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This point is why I can't even argue this topic anymore. They are mentally ill and biology is reality

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That's not how they see it. They see it as sex is determined by your genetics your DNA. But your gender is basically how you see yourself. Yeah I know it's f****** retarded. The thing you have to remember is that these people are wholly invested in the concept of tabula rasa. They believe literally that behaviors have nothing to do whatsoever with your DNA, your genetics. They believe that your intelligence has nothing to do with your DNA comic where your genetics.

So, basically, your gender is the made up shit you feel like you are whereas the sex is just arbitrary body parts that have no relevance on how you see your gender.

See, theyre disconnected, the two, the sex and the gender.

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