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I don't hate all Muslims. I've known a few in college. However, this is an invasion. We just want to continue being Danes, Limies, Welsch, Krauts, Pollocks, Waps, etc. Is that asking too much?

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Unacceptable! The beatings won't stop until everyone is the same tone of beige and fully accepts their new consumer identity and customs that we've crafted for them! Then we'll FINALLY have achieved TRUE equality!

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If you ask them though, is it okay to blow up a bunch of innocent people they'll often say yes it is.

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Imagine if all of these scandinavian countries suddenly become racist in some years.

Then the socialists in the united states who claim that "northern europe is great" will not only have to point to countries that are more white than the US, they will also have to point to countries that are more racist than the US.

It would be awesome.

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As ((( USA ))) falls, N & E Europe will rise

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That's pretty much what will end up happening, except it's not "racist" - it's "discernment against scumbags".

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You have my attention... Keep talking

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What was a muslim piece of furniture doing in a bar talking to men with out its owner?

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Turks, to be precise. They're basically like "oh, we want civilization, but we do not want to give up our 'religion of peace' ". They don't understand that you can't have both.

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She is Turkish. Given she has a long distance fiance in a different country, I would guess she was trying to get the fuck out of Turkey.


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Trying to marry out and get those muslim anchor worms placed. Still a garbage ottoman cunt.

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IMagine not liking the people that are invading your country and taking it over.

12th century Russia was really not hospitable to Mongol warriors. The people there fled in terror as we approached.

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We? Are you khan?

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Female without a hijab talking to unrelated men in a bar. Great Muslim she is.

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She is all a part of the Muslim trick she makes herself look nice to infediles then she tells infediles she wants to invite her friends and that is when the mudslides start invading

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Is this an advertisement from the Danish tourism board? It reads like one.

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The Tribe of Dan awakens from it's slumber.

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I told a guy I'm Muslim while at a bar. And they guy didn't beat me for being in a bar, or for talking to a male that isn't a relative. He didn't immediately call his friends over to gang rape me and then stone me to death for having sex outside of marriage. Instead, all he did was turn his back to me.

Some people are so disrespectful towards Muslim customs.

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Sounds like we're booking vacations in Denmark, boys.

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