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In fact, move out of negro infested areas, especially if you're having kids. There's absolutely no reason to risk it.

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They you definitely need to teach them because they will lack any personal experience.

[–] trevmon 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

sucks that houses in good neighborhoods cost so much and have such high taxes, but it keeps out the riff raff

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That isn't true if you move to the right rural location. My commute is certainly longer, but I don't have any city drama near my home.

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Those are leftist enclaves. Instead of being exposed to niggers your kids will be inundated by globohomo political correctness.

Live five miles out of town so that you're too far to walk anywhere. Will eliminate 95% of niggers. They like to be close to gas stations, liquor stores, etc.

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Everything is great and wonderful around niggers, and we can live separately and at peace... until some stupid niggers murder you or someone you know. I had a friend in middle school who had his dad and grandmother murdered by two niggers that broke into his house.

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I've taught my kids that when around the goys, be a fellow goy haha Shaloms

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"around goys, activate ploys."

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Thank you, kind goyim. It was right there but I was simply too retarded to grab it. Shaloms™✡️

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I remember when this story came out.  I don't think this article lists the details but she was running, he was near her and had attacked her because he "hated white women."

If she knew this phrase and saw him in advance, it could've saved her life.

Also, knock-out game.  Unprovoked, violent attacks.  If any phrase were to help you survive in a city, this would be it.

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Not "knockout game." They called it Polar bear hunting. The media renamed it "game" to downplay its seriousness and to act as if everyone was participating instead of calling it what it is. Blacks targeting whites.

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Workout and get bigger, to deal with a nigger

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You think fighting with fists makes you a man? I am 40yo now and I find that a bullet in them is far cheaper than my insurance premium

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They won't fuck with a white man, when I say man, I mean a man. Not some ass monkey chugging soy lattes while posting online pics of his Nintendo, his cat and his wife's children. If you're of decent size and have the look of having been around the block once or twice, they'll go to easier prey during daylight hours in public. You're own your own at night where they are known to frequent.

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Don't be a bum, get a big gun.

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I was watching a random nog attack compilation video. Evey time, they punch the unsuspecting right in the head. Based on reports, it's seems like the only way they are creative is in finding ways to kill people and attempting to cover it up.

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yeah, the right hand strike to the head is the fav weapon. Often from behind or from the side.

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It's almost as if nature made blacks ugly and smelly as a way of telling us "stay away".

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Similar to chimps in that regard.

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It's almost as if nature made blacks ugly and smelly as a way of telling us "stay away".

🤣I'm cracking up! This is so funny because it's true!!!

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When i have kids, they will be well versed on Blacks, Muslims and Jews.

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What are you going to teach them are the symptoms, and what are the causes?

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With blacks, you have a dangerous combination of high testosterone and low IQ that can result in them misunderstanding situations and actions, and reacting violently.

With Jews you’re physically safe but you have to watch out for manipulation. You’ll find yourself doing them favours and making them deals without getting much in return.

With Muslims? Honestly, I get along with them great, at least the ones I’ve spent time with so far in professional settings. Not sure if there’s too much to worry about on the individual level there, it’s the society scale effect that is a concern. But... don’t show them your bare feet if you want to be on their good side, they get super grossed out by that. Also dogs.

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I can't wait for the race war to start so we can change that phrase to: "when you see a nigger, pull the trigger."

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"Non white, shoot on sight"

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babes... the race war has been going on for decades... caucAsians are too stupid too recognize it and that's how they've lost!!!

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Ha ha

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I remember my parents repeatedly forcing me to believe the opposite. Every time one attacked or stole from me I was in the wrong.

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Child abuse.

My wife has only been in the USA for 4 years, and she learned on week two that blacks are to be avoided. The benefits of not growing up in a PC culture.

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Where is your wife from?

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God that sucks

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I was at the store and this black knew that I shouldn't relax around him and was playing into that by staying behind me when I was trying to shop. I knew he wasn't stupid enough to try anything in the middle of wal-mart, plus I was carrying. Sometimes they want you to get defensive and weird as that would validate that they actually do intimidate you so they can laugh and pretend like you're "racist", which in the end just proves that you shouldn't relax around them in the first place. I seriously hate niggers.

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