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Btw, MJ DeMarco's book "Unscripted" linked at the bottom of the picture is definitely worth the read. It completely changed my financial path.

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The Devil doesn't look Jewish enough.

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So, so true

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Man, if only thats all it took. But you still have to pass all the classes and support yourself with at least a part time job so you cant even chill during the four years.

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Meanwhile plumbers & electricians are pushing 6 figure incomes; heck even landscapers are doing pretty good.

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The reason why is because after uni these "educated" fucks think they make big bux and will blow it on physical labour because uni educated idiots sense that they are above physical labour.

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There is a lot to that but also this. Since the late 90s manual arts (wood shop, metal shop, auto shop) classes were ended. Too many helicopter moms threatening to or actually suing when retard offspring got a splinter. Schools didn't want the headache so they shut the programs down. On top of that, it is quite likely that voke students had been ridiculed since they made that choice for themselves. This was compounded by the dads who were fully enmeshed in corporate "getting ahead" and putting in long hours. Any free time they had was not spent on basic homeowner repairs where they could actually pass anything practical along to their offspring. So they paid someone else and their kids got the idea that they were above doing those things. Sad.

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uni educated idiots sense that they are above physical labour.

It is not what they feel intrinsically, it is what the academic lobby brainwashes them into. Most of them would be fine, humble artisans in some other time and place where the education mafia had no access to their brains during their youth. Allowing the education mafia to talk 17 yr olds into "investing" in higher education is like allowing tobacco merchants to talk them into smoking.

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HVAC here. In a few more years when I'm a journeyman I'll make $35 without benefits per hour, $55+ with

Also union (pension)

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But you get to choose which part of the ship you work on!

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YES!! PRO Choice!!! Go Freedom!! kek

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This was an inevitable consequence of academia becoming big business. Make higher education easily available to all through government subsidy, easily obtained loans for massive amounts, and affirmative action, and at the same time push it in our culture to be the new de facto thing to do like going to high school, and this is what we get. Everyone goes to university because that's just what you do, what you've been told to do your whole life, then you get saddled with massive amounts of debt, and we churn out millions of degrees which are absolutely worthless in the market. Unless you go for something that's truly worth money after graduation, like a STEM degree, you're shooting yourself in the foot.

And then they made it so that student loan debt is the only form of debt that doesn't go away in bankruptcy. Debt is the new slavery.

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Make higher education easily available to all through government subsidy

FOUND THE MARXIST KIKE! Free enterprise bad, forcible expropriation good! Property bad, redistribution good!

Fuckoff jewish cockroach.

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Lol did you even read the entire comment, or did you hit that phrase and get triggered?

It doesn't even look like you made it through the whole sentence because I was condemning the Marxist policies that got us into this mess and promoting free market.

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I've been noticing more shills like this one on voat recently

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The original Ben Hurr is a great movie

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theres actually already a place where participation-americans can go and jerk each other's victim dicks off into their own mouths. check out https://www.reddit.com they guzzle that shit up there, you even get little circle jerk points for it that is literally a measure of how much its not your fault that you did something stupid or that youre a worthless person. check it out. https://www.reddit.com

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You goys should be working three jobs to pay your debts. oy vey✡️

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Not going to college was probably the best decision I have ever made in my life.

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