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Late term abortion.

Selling body parts.

After birth abortion.

Laughing about it.

Planned parenthood using taxpayer money on lobbying liberals.

These are the things that turned people that supported abortion, off of it.

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I would rather have some sort of socialist program to support mothers of rape victims to bring the baby to term and put it up for adoption than have more abortions.

That argument makes liberals heads spin.

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I'd rather see the child culled than have it be a problem for society to babysit.

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I had heard about the videos that came out about the discussion of selling parts and thought it was bullshit. Because of your comment, I literally just finished watching this (http://www.centerformedicalprogress.org/cmp/investigative-footage/) and this infuriates me. They refer to these people as "specimens" and "tissue". Fucking shit this is horrible.

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The laws are what Joe down the street sees in every day life. These other things are considered "conspiracy theories" or lies. The laws are what affect everyday citizens, not those other things. The laws are what dictate how people can do things or not, not theories and lobbying and laughing. The laws are the visible end result.

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Sad but true.

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A lot of pro choice, middle aged women, with daughters are suddenly realize the liberal slut they raised will never give them grandchildren and their job at Walgreens just isn’t as fulfilling as they thought.

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Well, I'm sure they never acted in such a duplicitous manner on gun control. Or taxes. Or speech limitations. Or Title IX. Or election laws. No, surely they were only deceitful on abortion...

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Neo Liberal views and behavior are often childish. Children are expected to take what is given and demand more and more, growing entitled and out of control until boundaries are firmly set if necessary by a strong hand. It's not surprising they have overstepped their bounds on all the subjects you mentioned.

And awakened the giant. The funny is that they will be genuinely surprised and shocked when the hammer comes down, again like children. The social media response by them is destined and full of entertainment 😄

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This bill will only mean more Niggers

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And far more white people, of which we are a global minority at 14%.

[–] Zestyclose_Marketing 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

nah white women use more protection than blacks the nigger population will definitely outbreed the white population

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In Alabama??? Have you been there lately? It's like far rural white bread

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Depends on where. North AL is different than Birmingham. Basically you want to be in the north of the state and not in the lower half, with the exception of the coast perhaps.

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oh can you archive.is the cJewbs i don't want to give the zog views

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More nigs nogging is our best chance at redpilling people on race. Spics behave just well enough that normal fags tolerate them if they learn English. The eternal nog, on the other hand, will always nig out. The way it sits the Libs are providing the nogs with just enough free shit to keep a major chimpout from happening. Now, if we increase the amount of dirt poor nogs, the free shit won't be enough to go around, and we have a chance at sparking a race war. To really pull it off we need to outlaw abortion and simultaneously cut back on food stamps and the like.

[–] Zestyclose_Marketing 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago  (edited ago)

impossible the average white caters to the nog like soyboy cuck even if they know about the redpill

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The left can Never moderate or rest on their success. Their raison d'être is to spread hate and dissection through ever more sociopathic outrage.

You see this with them turning on their most long time and ardent supporters at the first push back of “maybe that’s going too far”.

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That’s why they call themselves “progressives.” They aren’t working towards a goal, they’re just pushing.

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So when they accuse others of being hateful, it's really just projection on their part?

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Georgia and now Alabama have passed extremely strict laws outlawing abortions. This is "revenge legislation"

 This is known as State nullification and it is one of the few options to oppose tyranny. You see the same thing from the 30+ states that have legalized marijuana, despite Federal prohibition. Donald Livingston of the Abbeville Institute discusses it at length. https://www.youtube.com/user/abbevilleinst/search?query=nullification.

I how to see much more of it soon.

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Bad news is the courts will throw the law out. Had GA went the route of writing a law that codified Roe v Wade first (full choice in first tri, life/health second, full ban third) they may have a chance, but they went further in one step than I think the courts will allow.

[–] 14WordsToFreedom 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

What’s the point? Judges aren’t supposed to making law anyway.

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"give them an inch and they'll take a mile."

They took the mile so we are taking the inch back.

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I've been hearing the "personhood" argument and no one's free choice should be overridden once they've achieved "personhood." I.e. a woman should have full control over her own body and thus not be forced to deliver a baby that she'd rather murder (because the baby isn't a person and she is, the baby's will can't override hers). In case any of you encounter this argument, it's fairly easy to punch a hole in by using the example of children.

"Have children, say, 3 years and older attained personhood?" (Yes) "So they should never be overridden by their parents... Ice cream for breakfast every day, never going to school..." (Well, no, but... <insert easily-overridden excuse here>).

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You're just setting them up for the Exception Fallacy.

[–] InyourfaceNancyGrace 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Which turns their argument into a joke. Or, in turn, gets them into the realm of only allowing abortion for exceptional, extenuating circumstances. Not just cause "I got drunk and fucked w/out protection."

Speaking of, why IS the government so quick to kill babies, but NO insurance company will provide fertility treatments or assistance, adoption is prohibitively expensive and also exempt from government assistance, but if you want to get your tubes tied (man or women) you can get that subsidized and/or insurance is sure to cover it. I mean insurance REALLY doesn't make sense because getting your client to have kids basically guarantees you more customers for like 18-24 years. And the government should want to increase the number of taxpayers, so funding reproduction should be a priority there too. So what gives?

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