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For me it was a wake-up call. Would this have happened had the people of France not lost their faith? I doubt it. It made me believe the west is weak without Christianity; so weak it will eventually cease to exist. So I'm trying to undo 20 years of agnosticism and go back to some version of faith. If we are guaranteed extinction without Christianity, there must be something to it.

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Hey Cow, if you've spent a lot of time ruminating on world views and faith and how to fight postmodernism and your need for God through Christ I'd recommend reading these books by CS Lewis: Mere Christianity, A Pilgrim's Regress and (believe it or not) the Space Trilogy. The first one is a great summary of a decent Christian worldview, the second is a densely symbolic tome about Lewis's own journey to faith and the third suggestion is a bit like the first but in novel form.

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May I add “Is Theology Poetry?” And “Transposition” from the collected lectures in “The Weight Of Glory.” Absolutely amazing talks. (Hopefully you’ve read them!)

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Space Trilogy is a monumental work of art

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Vox Day fan?

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I can vouch for the Space trilogy, that along with the recent fervent attacks against Jesus and traditional Christianity have reawakened my passion. Very thought-provoking stuff.

Haven't read Mere Christianity or A Pilgrim's Regress but I have the latter added to my Kindle and I'll download the other.

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I was raised LCMS Lutheran, but have practiced agnosticism for most of my life. Now I would like to be part of organized religion again, if for nothing else than to hold on to part of my culture. Unfortunately every local LCMS church I've looked at has the members prancing around with their pet niggers in Africa.

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Yeah the only option is to join and actively pull the church away from that nonsense. The church should reprioritize the interests of the congregation above others. In-group preference is sorely needed.

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Maybe you should look at denominations outside of Lutheranism? Find a good church you like and see if you can tolerate the teachings after.

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I'm honestly glad to hear this.

Welcome home.

Gott mit uns, as the antisemites said...

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I heartily fourth the recommenced reading from CS Lewis. May I also recommend Plantinga’s Not the Way It’s Supposed To Be. It is a breviary of sin and one of the most impacting and influential Christian books I have ever read, and reread. Probably 12 times. Read it.

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France was rioting before the church burned and has been rioting ever since, everyone is pissed off about so many other things already

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Yup. But the news supress everything.

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This is a good perspective. We care; mainstream media doesn't.

Of course the next question is: what will you do about it? Well... what will OP do about it? What will I do about it??

Is it enough to buy ammo, lift weights, produce white children, and shitpost?

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I care, yes.

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I don't have any mosques around that might be subject to arson (remember, arson is almost never solved and a suspect identified! Remember the Californian fires?) and even if I did I wouldn't* post about it on the internet. We all know what is inevitable, all that's left is action, not discussion.

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I blame the Jews.

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It pays to remember that Notre Dame was OWNED BY THE FRENCH GOVERNMENT for the last 200 years (since the French Revolution), not the Catholic Church.

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Not much we can do. We're here battling commies, spick invaders, fifth column kikes, and ape savages - we got our hands full. Feels as if we're in an undeclared global fucking war.

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Interesting aspect of the Cold War is that it was actually a Hot War in Africa. Most don't realize this. And of course the West placed sanction on South Africa so that they would release a former Communist terrorist from jail, and make him President! On what planet does that make sense (unless the west was subverted, and misled, of course).

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who needs to declare the war for you to believe it's real?

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Honestly I agree with you, and I have been seeing this pattern happening for a while now. The focus of the public's attention is constantly being changed from week to week now. Events are speeding up. Things that once seemed insane decades ago, we are constantly exposed to it on a regular bases through a scandal/tragedy/event, and then quickly distracted by something else soon after.

I attribute it to the same way that Television brainwashes by frequently changing the camera shots and scenes in a hypnotic pattern so that your eyes are constantly drawn to the ever-changing scenes. Ever see something move out of the corner of your eye, and your attention immediately shifts to it? Now image that happening constantly, and that is how TV psychologically becomes so hypnotic. It appeals to the striatum region of our brains and the instinct for our attention to be drawn to movement/changes.

The same thing seems to be happening on a larger scale. There is a hypnotic changing of events, a new scandal, and new tragedy. Cops ambushed and shot in downtown Dallas, school shootings, Notre Dam burning, Vegas shooting, Political scandals, every time a new one happens, it fully takes away our attention. It's a combination of these events actually happening, and the media attention upon it and leading the attention of humanity. Maybe it's some kind of traumatic hypnotic dissociative experiment to make us all complacent and negative and deplete us of all our energy.

You know what's fucking crazy? I can't remember half the scandals and tragedies in 2019 alone, much less 2018!!!!! Why does my memory have all these holes in it where I have forgotten all of these tragic events similar to Notre Dam. Someone will bring up the Vegas shooting, and it's like "oooh yeah... forgot about that." What is happening to our minds? Why can I no longer read a book, or think about a single thought for more than 5 minutes? Distractions, multitasking, short attention, information overload, constantly-changing scandals. We're all slowly being bombarded mentally. I swear people are losing their minds and their abilities to comprehend or form complex thinking.

This is absolutely Fahrenheit 451 where Guy Montag feels like everyone around him is just completely hypnotized by all of the distractions - that is exactly where we are today!!!!

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Too many firmware updates can brick a device.

Complete 180's on stances in short time. Crack the whip.

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Yeah but just to Christian landmarks.

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Ya it was sparks from electical wiring and thats it. It was reported 12 hours after the fire started and was still burning that it was not arson and not terrorism. I questioned a few people and they all pretty much said i was crazy or a bigot for suggesting it might have been muslims. So i stopped asking and accepted the reality of the situation. Its weird you would think the blue pill would taste bad but its pretty good and you can think strait afterwards the only thing that sucks for me is when i look in a mirrior and can only see the patriarcy and a racist bigot islamphobe homo phobe but as long as i avoid mirrors the blue pill is great. God day comrads isreal is our greatest ally and trump will solve all our problems do nothing wait for the plan to work.

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Don't worry, Q will post soon and it'll all be better.

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Still waiting to hear about the wealthy man staying in a luxury hotel with thousands of cameras dragging hundreds of guns up to his motel room to murder complete strangers before putting a bullet in his head for NO REASON WHATSOEVER.

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Not the guy who had a girlfriend on FBI payroll who was out of Country?

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