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More proof that women dont typically say things or in this case, write up posters, based on any real thought and logic. And forget intelligence. This poster right here should be the only proof someone who is unsure about women being involved in politics at any level, is something reserved for movies and TV shows, if at all mentioned. She most likely had an "epic" brain storming session alone or with her cats... multiple cats. And came up with this, thinking it sounded and "felt" like it meant something. Worst thing about her and others like her, is that if someone were to explain to them what that person who wrote the text under the picture wrote, they would either become hostile or simply not listen to you. Mostly because they dont have the ability to understand any of it but also, if she did understand even some of it... shed never of had made this silly poster and allowed someone to take a photo with her holding it! That's really the problem here. People have been given power and responsibility who shouldn't have this type of influence because they are incapable of understanding all that goes along with it and just as importantly, they are emotional animals first, logical animals last, if ever.

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They can get practically the same treatment by just enacting Sharia law. The only difference is that with Sharia all women have to be concealed in public.

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need a loisense ta bring your women out in public mate.

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Those arms haha

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Where’s gun control when you need it?

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You can tell she balloons out at the hips.

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those bare arms should be concealed

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the sign should read "if only today women were valued, wanted and caressed as lovingly as guns." this is the relationship that men and women have found themselves in by being brainwashed by the commie jews.
it's all fun and games to these "progressive" women. it's all so cute and fun to best their bestie in the snarky poster competition. they are all so brave and empowered until the front door is kicked in during a home invasion.

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Momma guns get to expel their children from their wombs. That's what's she wants.

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No, seriously, commoditize women.

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Well potheads are allowed to have guns. You just can't be high while using the gun.

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Per the BATF, if you have a medical marijuana card, then you’re disallowed from buying firearms.

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The fact we havent revolted is incredible.

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That's hilarious. Kind of fucked but I had a good laugh

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Has anyone ever been prosecuted for doing so?

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The "right to bear arms" and "the right to bare women". Hmm now.

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