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This is the mind of a woman right here:

When men don’t look:

Why is no one noticing me? Am I ugly???!!

When men look:

omg those guys looking at me are such perverts!

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You must not stare at women, but observe them instead.

The way i see it is...If she's not disgusted by me, i have a chance. You just have to treat them for what they are, inferior beings to us men, and they pretty much all fall for that shit.

They all watch their pretty little romantic movies where girly soft guys are main characters, but they dont want to do anything with those kind of guys in real life.

My advice, be a cunt with romantic side. And dont forget to treat them as our pets that bring our children to this world. They're inferior beings, but every now and then give them some sort of a treat/gift, just to keeo them happy

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Can confirm. My buddy at work was treating the new girl like shit, now they bang.

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and they pretty much all fall for that shit

Yup. Something you either learn from experience or jealousy. Is your glass half full or half empty, that's the real question.

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I was a bartender for quite a few years, and saw a lot of dipshits who thought this advice was good. They would walk up to a girl, say some condescending bullshit, and every single time they would be going home alone. You're an idiot if you think you're getting anywhere by treating women like they're inferior. Sure you shouldn't be a little bitch and let them push you around, that's gonna get you nowhere too. The trick is to not overthink it, just fucking talk to them and treat them like a normal person. Voat is clearly filled with bitter, angry people who have never accomplished anything, which makes it unbelievable to me that they somehow think they give good advice.

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Edited my comment to make more sense

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I used to work construction, when younger women walk by they would look down and hurry up, any woman over 35 would walk as slow as possible and switch up the hips, then look disappointed when they got no attention.

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a life of extremes.

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George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) was an absolute genius.

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Is this the new iPhone?...sry

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no its the Eyephone

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True for anything out there on the verse. Science fiction is true in most Reality. Throw hash browns on me again niggerfaggot!

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Very 1984

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Argus, viewer of a Billion Tits.

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I like that picture James

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